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Oil giant Exxon Mobil announced that it aims to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050—but experts say the plan has a major blind spot.

Can Exxon Mobil reduce emissions and stay profitable? Watch the full video to see what experts think of Exxon's green economy plans:

Exxon Is Using an Unusual Texas Law to Intimidate Critics of Its Climate Denial via @CoveringClimate 

@TheStalwart  Ask yourself which would be more successful: a team of Exxon employees trying to build business software or a team of sales force employees trying to drill for oil.

How would you approach coming up with a rigorous answer to the question: “Which company is more innovative, Exxon or Salesforce?”?

Exxon and SABIC's new $7 billion facility is officially open for business.

ExxonMobil believes that decarbonisation carrots in the form of tax credits and subsidies will offset some of the higher costs of its low-carbon bets and help keep the firm’s overall margins high

How Exxon is using an unusual law to intimidate critics over its climate denial @ChrisMcGreal  - @guardian )

ExxonMobil’s new plan is an improvement on its earlier climate recalcitrance. How much it actually does for the planet is another matter


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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez grills former Exxon scientists on oil giant's climate change denial

Exclusive: A senior ExxonMobil lobbyist has been captured on camera claiming that the oil giant is waging a secret war on climate change legislation. The covert recordings filmed by Greenpeace UK @Energydesk  lift the lid on the secretive world of US oil lobbying.

If oil goes any lower, Exxon Mobil might have to layoff some members of Congress.

While working people struggle with high gas prices at the pump, Exxon made $6.8 billion in profits in the last quarter and Chevron made $6.1 billion. We must stop the profiteering and monopolistic behavior of the giant oil companies. American consumers deserve better.

If you’re reporting on Joe Manchin’s opposition to the climate change provisions in the Build Back Better bill, you should probably make a point of mentioning his family coal business and the Exxon lobbyist caught on tape bragging about weekly meetings with Manchin’s office.

They all knew. The Chamber knew. Exxon knew. They did the research, and then they lied about it, and corrupted America’s response. Remind me — why did we let corporations in our politics?

exxonmobil'>Senior ExxonMobil lobbyist captured on camera revealing 11 senators they control

An utterly crushing day for Big Oil 1) Chevron investors demand emission cuts 2) Dutch court tells Shell to cut emissions by half 3) Exxon shareholders buck the company and elect directors demanding climate action. Thanks to all who fight--you push long enough and dominoes tumble

This is *five times* the Exxon Valdez spill. The Caribbean Sea would never be the same.

250 pages. 37,500 words. Not a single damn mention of “climate change.” Trump’s NAFTA is a giveaway to the fossil fuel industry. I voted NO because the future of our planet is more important than the short-term profits of Exxon Mobil and Chevron.