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Watch: Title race, European qualification and relegation to be decided on final day of #PremierLeague  season, @gulf_news  experts discuss: @GulfNewsSport  @imrantransam78  #football 

#LawDeniesHindus Kashi, Mathura after Ayodhya Hindu claims rattle ‘secularists’, warn against ‘communal’ ploy, cite 1991 bar. ‘Righting historic wrongs’ illegal? Sanjay Hegde, Pinky Anand, Aman Lekhi & other experts join @RShivshankaron  #ConverseIndiaat  8 PM Don't miss!

While experts agreed with DepEd that the learning crisis started with past administrations, they said that Education Secretary Leonor Briones’ administration could have done something to start the recovery. More in this in-depth by Bonz Magsambol:

Victoria's first monkey pox patient remains in a stable condition in hospital, as the World Health Organisation confirms at least 100 cases have spread across a dozen countries. But Australian infectious disease experts have said there is no need to panic. @EmilyRice28  #9News 

Materials, construction, flexibility and breathability are some of the factors that experts take into consideration when evaluating the most comfortable sandals for women

(News Focus) Biden's trip highlights commitment to stronger alliance, hope for S. Korea's pivotal role in security: experts

While the ruling dispensation claimed the colours were selected based on experts' recommendations as green is soothing for eyes and white symbolises cleanliness, the opposition #BJP  cried foul alleging the shades were chosen to send out a political message

DOG ON DOG ATTACK | A dog owner is alerting others about a recent attack his Pomeranian fell victim to on a walk. Some experts shared the precautions you can take for your pup -- and the laws in place for dog owners.

Trips that offer a 'human connection' will replace typical business travel as workers spread across the US — but graduates could be marginalized, experts say

What does endemic mean for COVID-19? Are there actions governments and people must do to ensure the virus reaches this state? Watch this Rappler explainer and listen to what health experts have to say.


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President Obama set up anti-pandemic programs in 47 vulnerable countries, as a way to protect against something just like Coronavirus breaking out across the world. Experts begged Trump to keep them open. He closed 37 of them.

Washing your hands is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself and others from illness. Here’s the technique experts say is best.

The shit President Trump is saying goes far beyond politics. These are traitorous lies that are costing lives and ripping the country apart. Republican elected officials and health care experts have a moral responsibility to stand up and say NO.

When the @POTUS  wants to present a skewed picture of the virus and what it requires, he sends out Dr. Atlas, who has no background in public health or epidemiology, to parrot the party line. When the POTUS requires treatment, he seeks out experts who know what they’re doing.

Nobody understands law & order better than these Fox News crime experts

Here’s a useful summary of the current best thinking among public health experts on how we need to approach the fight against COVID-19 in the coming weeks.

A month ago, Trump said: “It’s going to disappear. One day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.” Yesterday, he said: “I don’t believe you need 40,000 or 30,000 ventilators.” What will it take to get @realDonaldTrump  to listen to experts instead of his own hunches?

Can Vice President Biden explain why the Obama administration did not order the N95 masks to replace the 100 million used in the Asian Flu epidemic. Experts advised replacing them but Obama-Biden team failed to buy them. Shortage starts with them. Explain it Joe!

this quiet exchange between the two health experts ...

Music experts discuss whether @BTS_twt  would be an option for the Best New Artist Grammy nom