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EXCLUSIVE: After a secret meeting between Melinda and Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein, Melinda was furious and told friends she wanted nothing to do with Epstein, The Daily Beast has learned

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Longtime Cast Member Leaving ABC Medical Drama#GreysAnatomy  SPOILER ALERT!

In an exclusive interview with @mitchellreports , Secretary of State Antony Blinken discusses the “significant forces” that remain after Russia’s “massive buildup” along the border with Ukraine and the danger of corruption.

“Twitter #SuperFollows  could prove the value of content shared on the platform, which is often overlooked.” I can’t wait for the release of this new product. I’ll be able to share exclusive tweets with #Superfollowers .

In an exclusive* interview, the author of the new book The Tyranny of Big Tech explains how their monopolistic control of speech and marketplaces subjugate the rest of us. EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Josh Hawley on The Tyranny of Big Tech -- and why you should care

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Coming Soon: Exclusive Content. It's not for everybody. #Superfollowers 

There is a right and wrong way to use Twitter--you must know how to avoid landmines, restrictions, and suspensions. The upcoming feature #Superfollowers  will give exclusive content to users willing to pay a monthly subscription--happy to offer this service

EXCLUSIVE: Meet the clean-cut Christian couple Josh Duggar will live with after he's released from jail today Read more:

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EXCLUSIVEIndia asks state banks to withdraw cash held abroad over Cairn dispute, sources by 2021-05-06 23:30:00 @ReutersTech 

EXCLUSIVE: Colin Jackson hits back at claims he turned down same-sex Dancing On Ice partnership

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🚨🚨Tonight at 7pm:🚨🚨 EXCLUSIVE: Channel 4 News investigation reveals a huge Trump campaign data leak, exposing how 3.5 million Black Americans were listed as ‘Deterrence’ - to try to stop them voting in 2016. #DeterringDemocracy 

Exclusive: The Times has obtained tax-return data for President Trump extending over more than two decades. It shows his finances under stress, beset by losses that he aggressively employs to avoid paying taxes and hundreds of millions in debt coming due.

As thousands of protesters in Thailand demand reform to the monarchy, the King has told Channel 4 News/CNN in an exclusive interview that "we love them all the same" and Thailand is "the land of compromise" - suggesting there may be a way out of the months long political standoff

President Trump paid $750 in federal income taxes in 2016, and nothing in 10 of the prior 15 years — largely because he reported losing much more money than he made. Read the takeaways from our exclusive look at decades of Trump’s tax records.

We have an EXCLUSIVE@Avengers  deleted scene from #Endgame  that gives fans a heroic must-see moment →

K-pop superstars #BTS  took America by storm in 2018. Now they’re ready for a victory lap. Here’s your exclusive look inside their world: Story by

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Very excited & proud to be hosting an exclusiveCinderella Ball for @Believeinmagicx  next month ! Few tickets left: 

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