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Europeans increasingly frustrated as White House maintains Trump-era covid travel restrictions

Which Europeans won medals in the #BMX  event? 👇

The @EUCourtPress  hijab ruling in July resurfaces tensions between the right to freedom of religion and Europeans’ increasing discomfort regarding the visible face of Islam in the region, argues @jasmineelgamal .

Ministers push US to allow Britons in after throwing open UK's doors to Americans and Europeans

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has reopened England’s doors to fully vaccinated Americans and Europeans who have, until now, had to quarantine on arrival in Britain as part of coronavirus restrictions on international travellers | @latikambourke 

• GSK beats earnings forecasts • Pfizer doubles Q2 revenues • Spotify user growth slowing • Boeing to cut 10,000 fewer jobs • UK reopens to double-jabbed Americans and EuropeansCatch-up with all the day's business news via our live blog

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The U.S. will continue to restrict the entry of Europeans and others amid concerns about the Delta variant, the White House press secretary said Monday.

For introverted, drizzle-haunted north Europeans, well settled with sufficient land, crops and building materials to brew huge vats of ale, our bonding ritual has long been binge drinking.

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Europeans increasingly frustrated as White House maintains Trump-era covid travel restrictions


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Appeal to EP: You should be open to a long extension, if the UK wishes to rethink its strategy. 6 million people signed the petition, 1 million marched. They may not feel sufficiently represented by UK Parliament but they must feel represented by you. Because they are Europeans.

President Biden’s use of an old stereotype is hurtful to modern Europeans, Asians & Americans who inherit about 2% of their genes from Neanderthal ancestors. He should apologize for his insensitive comments and seek training on unconscious bias.

Dear fellow europeans'>British-Europeans - you CAN grieve at midnight for what has been lost, what has been harmed, and when they tell you to "move on" DO move on - to the long, strong, campaign to rejoin; however hard the road, however long it takes; it starts now.

"Columbus Day is bad, and it would be better if Europeans had never reached the Western hemisphere!" they tweeted from their iPhones amidst unprecedented human prosperity and individual liberty.

If Europeans could vote in the US Presidential election Biden—Trump ?? 83%—17% ?? 93%—7% ?? 88%—12% ?? 87%—13% ?? 83%—17% ?? 83%—17% ?? 81%—19% ?? 78%—22% ?? 76%—24% ?? 74%—26% ?? 69%—31% ?? 82%—18% #Election2020  #Elections2020  Source and details:

So our "friends" on the UN Security Council apparently think it's a good idea to let Iran, the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism, buy weapons from China & Russia. Trump brokers a historic peace agreement. The Europeans try to muck it up. Classic!

25 years ago this week, 8,000 Bosnian men and boys were massacred at Srebrenica. Many of them were blonde-haired, blue-eyed, white Europeans. Murdered by fellow white Europeans. But they were Muslim. Islamophobia kills. Islamophobia leads to genocide. #Bosnia  #Rohingya  #Uighurs 

Those bloody Europeans. Absolutely useless compared to our boys (and Priti Patel). Brexit should be a doddle with our superheroes after the fantastic job they have done on Covid. ‘Apparent success’ said the Liar in Chief. Back in hibernation now post Operation defend Dom

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So...we have a delusional germaphobe spouting inaccurate information about a deadly plague, while the numbskull he had put in charge of saving people's lives, dares not correct even his worst mistakes And it's all the fault of the Chinese, the Europeans and Hunter Biden's cat

Former French Amb. Gerard Araud: “For Europeans, I'm convinced that the election of November the 3rd will be maybe the most important election since the election of Roosevelt in 1932...Pres. Trump doesn't care about alliances, doesn't care about the West.”