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A nationwide lifeguard shortage is impacting pools and beaches including those here in Central Florida.

European equities open higher to start the day

Bank of Italy head could leave post early - paper $E

Before your Irish boyfriend puts a ring on it, review IrishCentral's list of pros and cons of marrying an Irish...

In this week's Market Movers Europe with Nikolaos Aidinis Antonopoulos: ➡ European#gas  crisis looms on low Russian supply ➡ Summer#oil  demand surge drives steep backwardation ➡ EU #energy , environment ministers in crisis talks Full video (3:20):

From Marrickville and Mt Druitt to the CBD, there’s a new combatant in Sydney's Burger Wars – and its buns won’t break the bank! 🍔 FULL STORY:

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Discover more about key topics impacting your credit and risk decisions. Join our online Swiss Breakfast meeting on Friday 1 July. Our packed agenda includes covered bonds, European sovereigns, Russian gas exports and corporate risks. 👉 Register here:

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World’s Most Aggressive Central Bank RaisesKey Rate to 200% @markets  @economics  The monetary policy committee hiked the rate to 200% from 80%, Governor John Mangudya said That brings cumulative increase this year to 14,000 basis points -- most globally

China's central bank has signed an agreement with the Switzerland-based Bank for International Settlements (BIS) as part of Beijing’s plans to establish a yuan pooling scheme starting with Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Chile.

Stocks In News | Kotak Equities maintains its Buy call on Star Health Insurance even as the insurer announces a corporate agency agreement with IDFC First Bank. @YashJain88  on all you need to know


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FRIENDS 2018 PLOTLINES -Joey eats Tide pods, goes to hospital (guest star Ellen Pompeo) -Chandler won't shut up about how funny his Vines were -Ed Sheeran cameo interrupts Phoebe's Central Perk set -Ross gets everyone into Bitcoin -The One Where The Gang Realizes Their Privilege

A man sued his employer for racial discrimination, settled the suit, took the settlement check to the bank to cash it, then the bank didn't believe the check was real and called the cops on him, leading to another racial discrimination lawsuit

reminder that Trump’s personal loan officer at Deutsche Bank was SCOTUS Justice Kennedy’s son

European Countries are sadly getting clobbered by the China Virus. The Fake News does not like reporting this!

Families are packing into their cars in the early morning, hoping the food bank has something left when they get there. Children can’t visit their grandparents in their last moments. Small business owners are shutting their doors every day. This is Trump’s America.

Thank you to everyone who came to see us on this European leg of the tour ! You have been some of the best crowds we've seen/heard !!

Why is the World Bank loaning money to China? Can this be possible? China has plenty of money, and if they don’t, they create it. STOP!

Great to see all the fans in Central Park for @GMA  !

In the past 24 hours, these companies have ended their relationship with the : Best Western Wyndham Hotels Alamo Rent A Car National Rent A Car Enterprise Rent A Car First National Bank of Omaha #BoycottNRA