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President Joe Biden acknowledged “glitches” in America's clean energy law that have raised concerns in Europe.

The war in Ukraine was utterly unnecessary. It was caused because Joe Biden decided to waive sanctions that I wrote to allow Putin to build his Nord Stream 2 pipeline. America and our allies are paying the price for Joe Biden's weakness and appeasement.

Go on with your bad self, Japan! In any case, Africans we need to look away from Europe anyway.

Russians are angry Putin is spending billions on an unpopular war as they freeze back home, report says

Putin continues to channel Zap Brannigan's battle strategy, but without success

Biden Says He's Open to Speaking With Putin If He's Interested in Ending War On Ukraine

"Those of us fortunate enough to live in Western Europe and North America – who have enjoyed nearly 80 years of peace and predictability – might soon be facing a much more disordered world," writes @marydejevsky  #ChinaProtests  #IranProtest  #ZeroCovid 

"President Biden made it pretty clear. He said, that until President Putin is showing signs that he really is willing to end this war, President Biden is not going to sit down and talk to him." ABC's @eschulze  joins us to discuss Biden's comments on the Russia-Ukraine War.

Ukraine war latest: Putin uses winter as a weapon, nuclear power chief fired

Europe's largest security organization, one founded to maintain peace and stability on the continent, opened a meeting Thursday with strong denunciations of Russia's war against Ukraine, a conflict that is among the greatest challenges the body has...


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Hopefully, it is now extremely obvious that Europe should restart dormant nuclear power stations and increase power output of existing ones. This is *critical* to national and international security.

👋 @elonmusk  In Europe, the bird will fly by our 🇪🇺 rules. #DSA 

Julian Assange speaking in 2011: "The goal is to use Afghanistan to wash money out of the tax bases of the US and Europe through Afghanistan and back into the hands of a transnational security elite. The goal is an endless war, not a successful war" #Afghanistan 

If Saudi Arabia, one of the worst violators of human rights in the world, wants to partner with Russia to jack up US gas prices, it can get Putin to defend its monarchy. We must pull all US troops out of Saudi Arabia, stop selling them weapons & end its price-fixing oil cartel.

Zelensky to Putin: "Good Lord, what do you want? Leave our land. If you don't want to leave now, sit down with me at the negotiating table. But not from 30 meters away, like with Macron and Scholz. Sit down with me and talk. What are you afraid of? We're no threat to anyone."

Our prayers are with the people of Vienna after yet another vile act of terrorism in Europe. These evil attacks against innocent people must stop. The U.S. stands with Austria, France, and all of Europe in the fight against terrorists, including radical Islamic terrorists.

Nancy Pelosi said she got “set up” by the owner (a very good one) of a beauty parlor. If so, how will she do in negotiations against President Xi of China, President Putin of Russia, or Kim Jong Un of North Korea. Not so well, I suspect, but far better than Joe Hiden’ would do!

Great World Cup. Question for President Trump as he meets Putin: Do you know which team you play for?