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The ghosts of Adwa: The Ethiopia inscribed with anti-colonial meanings after its victory over European colonialism in 1896 was a colonizing state itself. (By @safiyaaaay , from our 2018 archives) #Throwback .

Ethiopia’s war of narratives: The current political conflict, now a civil war, in Ethiopia partly has its roots in disagreement among elites on how to narrativize Ethiopian history. (From our 2020 archives)

They fled hundreds of miles to escape war in Ethiopia. But they fear it wasn’t far enough.

They fled hundreds of miles to escape war in Ethiopia. But they fear it wasn’t far enough.

Ethiopia’s murderous new era: @ssolen  's brother died in the political violence that has become part of how political power is being contested in Ethiopia.

As calls for violence are increasing, misinformation downplays the reality of suffering, #GBV , and hardship associated with the conflict in Ethiopia. All Ethiopians deserve a life free from violence, and victims deserve to see the perpetrators of #GBV  held accountable. #16Days 

Ethiopia government claims recapture of key towns

#BREAKING : Ethiopia’s PM Abiy Ahmed returns t #AddisAbaba  after the end of the first phase of military operation: Al-Arabiya

US slaps sanctions on Eritrea military, ruling party for interference in Ethiopia#businessNews 


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"U.S. hands off Ethiopia," "Neo-colonialism will not work," "No more Western intervention", Ethiopians in Lebanon take to the streets to protest against U.S. and Western meddling on Horn of Africa #MideastInPictures 

Tigray rebels raped women during attack on town in Ethiopia’s Amhara region, says Amnesty investigation

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#BREAKING Ethiopia's Tigray rebels looting aid warehouses: US agency

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Ethiopia planted a record-breaking 350 million trees in 12 hours to fight climate change

For all African brothers and sisters, leaders, academics who are supporting #Ethiopia  in its time of need, we salute you! As Ethiopia ET stood beside others in various historical struggles, your solidarity in our utmost time of need is noteworthy. #Africa  will prevail in unity!

I am humbled by the decision of the Norwegian Nobel Committee. My deepest gratitude to all committed and working for peace. This award is for Ethiopia and the African continent. We shall prosper in peace!

#BREAKING US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken condemns 'ethnic cleansing' in Ethiopia's Tigray

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Heartbreaking accounts from victims reveal how rape is used as a weapon of war in the Tigray region of Ethiopia@NimaCNN  reports

Just spoke to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali of Ethiopia. His Country needs Ventilators, and the U.S. is in good position to help him. We will!

Spoke to PM Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali. We discussed the COVID-19 situation. India stands in solidarity with our friends in Ethiopia as well as other countries in Africa, and will be a reliable partner to provide essential medical supplies and other assistance to handle the crisis.