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14-year-old Arsema narrowly escaped early marriage. She is one of 26MM children impacted by #coronavirus  school closures in Ethiopia, which have left many young girls at an increased risk of early marriage. "I couldn’t be happier. Now I can study hard and become a doctor."

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#Ethiopia - The Meskel festivity, the festival of the True Cross. 📸 @edusoteras  #AFP 

Ethiopia's prime minister Abiy Ahmed is fighting to keep peace one year after he won the Nobel prize

“Facebook may not be the perpetrator of violence in Ethiopia, but it is a breeding ground for hate.” - @btayeg  of our grantee @accessnow 

Like Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the US, these justices have won legal victories for women around the world, setting precedent in the highest courts from Ethiopia to Colombia.

Ethiopia's GERD dam project has been a point of contention for Egyptian President Sisi. Now, he has found support from the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo. by @AhmedGomaa252 


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Mahalet was born in Ethiopia. Abandoned by her parents, she lived as an impoverished orphan. Mahalet was adopted by a loving, Christian American family at 11. This week @TPUSA  brought her to the WH. She asked to pray for our President. He brought her onstage-then this happened:

Just spoke to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali of Ethiopia. His Country needs Ventilators, and the U.S. is in good position to help him. We will!

Ethiopia planted a record-breaking 350 million trees in 12 hours to fight climate change

Spoke to PM Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali. We discussed the COVID-19 situation. India stands in solidarity with our friends in Ethiopia as well as other countries in Africa, and will be a reliable partner to provide essential medical supplies and other assistance to handle the crisis.

Michelle and I send our deepest sympathies to all who knew the victims of today’s plane crash in Ethiopia.

Congratulations to Prince Yoel of Ethiopia—the great-grandson of Haile Selassie, the last emperor of Ethiopia—who has a law degree from Howard University and his new wife Ariana. ??

Just had a meeting with top representatives from Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan to help solve their long running dispute on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, one of the largest in the world, currently being built. The meeting went well and discussions will continue during the day!

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Help my amazing mom @pattiemallette  raise $10K to build a fresh water well in Ethiopia for her Birthday! #giveback 

Eritrea and Ethiopia started direct flights for the first time in 20 years, after officially ending a decades-old border war that killed 80,000 people. Some of the families separated by the conflict are being reunited for the first time in years:

This year I'm donating my birthday to raise $10K to build a fresh water well in Ethiopia. Help make my wish come true