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“I am worried” about an atmosphere of appeasement to Russia, says Estonian PM @kajakallas : “Fatigue with the war… is understandable,” but if Ukrainian territory is given away and we continue with “business as usual, then the outcome is we don’t have a peace that is lasting.”

“When we look at how we can cut this historical cycle that Russia will attack its neighbors… accountability is the key,” Estonian PM @kajakallas  tells me, arguing for “tribunals to… prosecute the crimes of aggression & the war crimes,” including prosecuting Russian leadership.

Estonian PM @kajakallas  has won re-election, and though coalition negotiations are ongoing, they won’t change Estonia's position on Ukraine, she says: “We've already agreed… we should help Ukraine as long as it takes,” militarily and with “accountability and a special tribunal.”

A Washington Post report suggests that Ukraine is short of skilled troops and munitions on the frontlines right now. “That is frustrating and we have heard that as well,” Estonian PM @kajakallas  tells me. “The price goes up with every delay” in sending arms to Ukraine, she says.

Estonian official says parliamentary elections were targeted by cyberattacks

The first Estonian volunteer fighter died in Ukraine near Bakhmut on 7 March due to artillery shelling Ivo Yurak joined Ukraine's military as a volunteer in the autumn of 2022. He was the intelligence chief of the Scout battalion in Estonia until 2016.

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This #WomensHistoryMonth , learn about the 🇪🇺 EU women helping Ukrainians in need! EE Today, meet Johanna-Maria Lehtme from Estonia. She was awarded Estonian Citizen of the Year & European of the Year for her efforts. More about her: . #EUWomen4Ukraine 

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Following Finnish gov approval, Estonia will re-export military equipment and supplies to Ukraine; D-30 howitzers and 122-mm ammo. Further details of mil supplies are confidential. Exports fall within the Estonian gov's Jan 2023 €113 mm mil aid package.

This Estonian right-wing nationalist might have the worst political haircut ever


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We must “give Ukraine as much military aid as we can give, so that Ukraine can defend themselves and push the aggressor back to their borders,” says Estonian Prime Minister@kajakallas  - as well as “hold responsible those people who are behind war crimes… crimes of aggression.”

The Estonian island of Kihnu is often described as Europe's last matriarchy. Meet the women who are working hard to keep their traditions alive. (?:Alessandro Rampazzo)

"I call on all allies, including Germany, to send Ukraine everything they need so that they can defend themselves... If all allies had sent weapons back in January or February, many lives would have been saved," Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas told DW

“‘How is it possible neither Paris nor Berlin have learned from history? Why is it presumed that Putin, currently waging a war on a major European people, intends to keep any promise?’ - head of the Estonian parliament’s foreign affairs committee.”

Superb interview with Estonian PM @kajakallas ⁩, the woman who towers over so many Western leaders in courage as well as intelligence.

In an exclusive interview, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas—who grew up under Soviet occupation—says we still aren't taking Putin seriously enough

BREAKING: Estonian owned cargo ship 'Helt' sinks off the coast of Ukraine. There are reports that the vessel hit a mine.

Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian NOTAMs now posted — effective 2200 UTC, Russian aircraft will not be permitted.

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Former Estonian president compares Trump Jr to ‘exceptionally small-brained fish’

NEW: Russia interfered in Western elections in 2019 and is likely to do so again in 2020, an assessment by the Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service says.