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More empty -- or should I say Potemkin -- Soviet war memorials could be found in Estonia#ERR 

Regulated brokers must be careful and fair in how they market their products. They must never overpromise but must always err on the side of caution. They also cannot offer leverage that's too high, which could wipe out the trader's bankroll. Stay tuned for the final lesson 👀

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Sometimes the breaks really do go the Rangers way. The umpires did, in fact, err in Texas' favor on Nelson Cruz's screaming liner in the eighth inning Saturday. The play was reviewable.

@shane_gallant  Wait it out 23 months from now can definitely look different than today rate wise ANYTIME you have to pay a penalty always err on the side of caution Paying a penalty to get a HIGHER rate than you have today, no, that is a definite wait it out

The UK Government says #Channel4  should be privatised to help it compete with @netflix  and Amazon@PrimeVideo . So how are they doing? Do they, like Channel 4, make a profit which is then reinvested in programme making? Err no…

Yes, the nation-state is all we have and probably better than the alternative, but it’s a problem. By its very nature, the state always wants more for itself. So we should always err toward weakening the state’s ability to make arbitrary decisions that have no clear rationale.

Realist theory has come under fire after it appeared to be used to excuse Putin’s war in Ukraine. But realism remains a useful way to understand the world, even if its practitioners err in using it to prescribe policy, argues @ProfPaulPoast .

Bob Smith, err, I mean Adam Smith lays out some goals for the next phase of military rocket launch purchases.

“After a thoughtful, deliberate, prudent discussion, we’ve reached this decision. It’s what Canadians expect us to do. We will always err on the side of public health.” #COVID19 


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Mihkelson: Scholz and Macron paving way for more Russian violence #ERR 

I’m for comprehensive immigration reform. I don’t use the words “fake news”, believing reporters don’t err on purpose. They make mistakes. But Time’s cover crossed the line. They separated themselves from the truth. MSM’s dedication to a narrative is killing their credibility.

T 3567 - ..minus degrees ..err like -3 .. protective gear .. and the work etiquette ..

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Tonight @C4Dispatches  showed what Johnson's hard Brexit means: a massive hike in drug prices for the NHS once Trump gets his way. Think the Tories would err on the side of the patient? Ask someone on Universal Credit or PIP...

☎️ Caller: "Pochettino has to go." ? talkSPORT: "Are you a Gooner?" ☎️ Caller: "I'm Spurs through and through." ? talkSPORT: "Who was boss before Poch?" ☎️ Caller: "Err... that Chelsea guy?" Incredible moment an Arsenal fan is caught pretending to be a Spurs fan ?

Not always a ball playing with a ball...err globe here but you know what I mean ???

I’m genuinely curious why many news orgs are taking at face value the claim that Dowd wrote that tweet. It’s in Trumps tone, very hard to believe even a washed up lawyer like Dowd wld err so dramatically. What am I missing?

'Amma...err.. #IndiraCanteen ': Rahul Gandhi's flub reveals inspiration Read more here:

Spurs fans sing 'Arsene Wenger, we want you to stay'. Err, hasn't he never finished below Tottenham?

T 2471 - Great moments for this one .. such a fantastic assemble .. 15 YEARS of K3G .. err , I coined the abbrv.,

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