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We would be continuing with the AEX multiple  exclusive service categories available for users. Remember we got know that there are three (3) types of AEX Exclusive Service Category Provided on the AEX crypto exchange platform namely: i) AEX PRIVATE BANK ii) AEX AMBASSADOR

I only work with 5 clients at a time email for pricing and availability. Why you need a Twitter Coach. #Socialmedia  #AuthorsOfTwitter 

'I wonder how some of my fellow hacks in America get out of bed in the morning. The leak of a Supreme Court draft decision on abortion rights prompted what can only be called a collective nervous breakdown.' ✍️ Andrew Sullivan

$SPY I had no choice but to short this morning with that weak gap down Too many chased yesterday and were punished We went short at 403.18 which was our trigger line in the sand Absolutely crushed it - see my LIVE commentary and charts in Discord ❤️if you crushed $SPY

I have not seen such a low volume open in a long long time in ES and NQ. Be careful in this stuff.

Im so glad i stay out of the drama, im here to rinse my simps & pets. Nothing more. ✌🏻

Are you just trying to survive in today's markets? I feel ya hard. Join me and @SPYJared  at 2 pm today as we talk about investing in the new normal of high inflation and low growth. 👇

Request 4. $SOL As mentioned in TG and discord I was waiting quite some time to buy if we get this htf retest and we did! #Solana  Is one of the better looking alts and once the market recovers I expect #SOL  to give a good reaction from this area!

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Why Robert Herjavec Preaches Against Taking Money for Granted: ‘I Remember the Days When I Worked My A– Off for $10'

Anniversary present from my wife who did this fabulous bit of art. I bloody love it❤️❤️

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If I die under mysterious circumstances, it’s been nice knowin ya

Next I’m buying Coca-Cola to put the cocaine back in

I love the Russian people. That is why I have to tell you the truth. Please watch and share.

I hope that even my worst critics remain on Twitter, because that is what free speech means

Listen, I can’t do miracles ok

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Our baby girl is here, healthy & beautiful??❤️to try put into words how i am feeling right now would be an impossible task. The love i feel for this tiny human is beyond my understanding.Grateful to know her, proud to call her mine, & thankful for the life we will have together x

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What a journey… I had no idea what we were in for when I sent this text to my Dad ten years ago at this exact time the band was formed. Thanks to everyone that’s supported us over the years and thanks to the boys for sharing this with me #10YearsOfOneDirection 

The US tour is now over. ??? Shout out to our fans for doing it together! Thank you! Also, we promise to be back! I am your hope, You are my hope. I love you all!????

Kobe was a legend on the court and just getting started in what would have been just as meaningful a second act. To lose Gianna is even more heartbreaking to us as parents. Michelle and I send love and prayers to Vanessa and the entire Bryant family on an unthinkable day.

There’s no words to express the pain Im going through with this tragedy of loosing my neice Gigi & my brother @kobebryant  I love u and u will be missed. My condolences goes out to the Bryant family and the families of the other passengers on board. IM SICK RIGHT NOW