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Buddhist monks turn on LED lights to form an image of the Lord Buddha on Vesak Day, an annual celebration of Buddha's birth, enlightenment and death, at Dhammakaya Temple, Pathum Thani, near Bangkok, Thailand 📷 @soezeya 

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Wishing all devotees a blessed Vesak Day! In the spirit of this sacred occasion to mark the birth, enlightenment and nirvana of Buddha, I hope you will continue to do good, spare a thought for others, and stay safe. – LHL

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Much writing about 19th-century East Africa historiography has been distorted by the legacy of post-enlightenment thought and colonial literature, both of which condemned Africa to the periphery of universal history @rhaplord 

Jake Daniels' announcement can usher the grisly world of football into a fresh age of enlightenment | @oliverbrown_tel 

VIDEO: Thailand commemorates Visakha Bucha, which marks Buddha's birth, enlightenment and death, and is held on the full moon of the third lunar month

VIDEO: Bangkok temple lights a thousand candles for Buddha's birthday. Thailand commemorates Visakha Bucha, which marks Buddha's birth, enlightenment and death, and is held on the full moon of the third lunar month

#BuddhaPurnima2022 | Everything about #GautamBuddha ’s birth and journey to enlightenment in VaisakhRead HERE |

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Emmanuel Macron’s La République en Marche party has changed its name to Renaissance, to show it would “always make the choice of enlightenment against obscurantism.”

Regardless of the outcome of the May 9 elections, independent presidential aspirant Senator Panfilo “Ping” M. Lacson and his vice presidential bet Senate President Vicente “Tito” C. Sotto III will have left an indelible legacy: voters’ enlightenment.

Adam Yauch died 10 years ago today. Read our 2012 feature on how the wildest Beastie Boy found his way from the streets of New York to the path of enlightenment


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There was the Age of Enlightenment, The Age of Reason… We are all now living in The Age of Emotion.

Arc of Enlightenment in a rational, civilized world: Data → Facts → Information → KnowledgeInsightWisdom

In a contest pitting science vs. superstition, science won. That it was even close in our so-called age of enlightenment is worrying.

“We believe in the Enlightenment, and women have the same rights as men. People who think otherwise, let them do it somewhere else, not on French soil.” - President Emmanuel Macron

Not to bash DJ Loonyo.This is just to correct ung mga maling chika about Covid tests. I asked my sister for enlightenment. Read nyo para chugug! (1)

Don't go by #Sadhguru  's views alone on #CitizenshipAmendmentAct  . Wait for other Constitutional experts including Sri Sri, Baba Ramdev & others to attain supreme enlightenment#CAAProtest 

If you’re in the political news media and this is the 1st time you’ve called Trump a racist, welcome to the enlightenment. You’re at least 8 years late. The 1st time he opened his mouth about @BarackObama  birth certificate, he proved he’s a lying racist.

The earliest and greatest universities in the West were established by religious institutions. Enlightenment values were rooted in religious notions of individual value and an understandable universe. #ExposeChristianSchools 


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eating warm creamy carby pasta on a rainy day is the closest i'll ever get to achieving enlightenment and nirvana