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Just your average boy meets girl love story... except the boy is the Emperor of Austria and the girl is about to disrupt every plan this royal family had. The Empress is now on Netflix.

"They’ve turned the nation into an impregnable prison, while fantasizing about going back to the golden era of Emperor Qianlong." "Shihuzhang, the [Song Dynasty-era] baojia system, and lianzuo [the collective punishment of entire families or clans] have all been resurrected."

Tamil director Vetrimaaran’s statement that Raja Raja Cholan was not a Hindu king has opened the floodgates for debate regarding the emperor’s religious identity. @PoojaShali  tells you more. #ITNewsByte  #SocialMediaSpecial  #ITReel  #Movie 

Arizonans have until Oct. 13 to submit entries for ADOT's name-a-snowplow contest. Similar promotions in other states led to the likes of Plowy McPlowFace, Ctrl Salt Delete and Emperor Plowpatine.

Emperor Plowpatine? Ctrl Salt Delete? The Big Leplowski? These are just some examples of what ADOT's new snowplows can be named. Here are the details.

A live performance recording of Beethoven’s “Emperor Concerto” by Lim Yun-chan, the youngest winner of the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, will be released in November, Universal Music announced Tuesday.

🏇 GOULBURN TIPS 🏇 @chynna_marston  with the good oil! R1 1. Buff In Disguise R2 1. Acceber R3 3. Emperor's Star R4 6. Mr Cantankerous R5 1. Condrieu 🔒 R6 2. Bombulla Boy R7 4. Super Vino R8 6. Midori Fuji 🔒BEST

Japan’s Emperor will have his prostate checked in early November, as a result of worrisome trends in earlier examinations, the Imperial Household Agency has announced.


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Biden says he will rul @by  Executive order, so… No more checks and balances between the 3 branches of Government… America should realize they elected an Emperor not a President

Her Majesty The Queen has sent the following message of condolence to the Emperor of Japan, following the death of former Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe.

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"if you don't agree that donald trump is god emperor we'll send brownshirts to murder you"

We have now reached the point in American life in which if you notice that the Emperor has no clothes, you will be suspended; if you notice that the Emperor is not an Empress because he has a dick, you will be banned.

“Vladimir Putin, wearing an Italian designer coat modestly priced at £10,500 and a white roll neck sweater costing £3,200, was drumming up support for his ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine.” The Emperor has no (Russian made) clothes.

The Left's perspective on biological sex is just "The Emperor's New Clothes." We can all see the truth, but half of us are pretending we can't so as to remain in the good graces of the cultural elite.

The anniversary. The anniversary for Kuzco, the anniversary date especially to celebrate Kuzco, Kuzco’s anniversary. Happy Anniversary to The Emperor’s New Groove… and Kuzco!

TIRED: The emperor has no clothes. WIRED: The emperor’s daughter had to shut down her clothing line due to poor sales, and she is complicit in the emperor’s racist policies.

So, basically the FBI has become America's Praetorian Guard, and they installed Caligula as emperor