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Teacher Stephen told LBC he refuses to return to school on March 8 without a vaccination. Eddie Mair asks Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy: would you support him? Read more: | @eddiemair  @lisanandy 

Tax specialist Rebecca Seeley Harris has put forward a policy to help some of the three million excluded from the Government's financial support. She gives Eddie Mair the details. @eddiemair  | @seeleyharris 

'A huge amount of noise here. We're all forces families,' Eddie Mair reads out texts and tweets from LBC listeners about the 6PM clap for Captain Sir Tom Moore. Read more - @eddiemair 

'He was a symbol of hope in what has been a very dark time.' Eddie Mair and LBC Westminster Correspondent Ben Kentish reflect on the death of Captain Sir Tom Moore aged 100 after he tested positive for Covid-19. Read more - │ @eddiemair  @BenKentish 

"How about a campaign to change all social media photos to this splendid gentleman?" Eddie Mair reads out tributes that have poured in for Captain Sir Tom Moore after he sadly passed away. @eddiemair 

Does it matter if there is a 12 week gap between Covid jabs? Eddie Mair puts it to JCVI member Professor Robert Read. @eddiemair 

Air pollution: Health expert Professor Jonathan Grigg says it’s a serious issue and tells Eddie Mair how @TfL  is tackling the problem in London#Ad 

"Boris Johnson looked very shaken": Eddie Mair and LBC's Westminster Correspondent Ben Kentish give an instant analysis to the PM's No10 briefing as the UK Covid death toll surpasses 100,000. @eddiemair  | @BenKentish 

"I totally agree with Keir Starmer, in half term every teacher should be vaccinated," this caller tells Eddie Mair, as the PM announces schools may be open from March. Do you agree? @eddiemair 


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Eddie Mair became frustrated when reporters were unable to ask follow-up questions during No 10 press briefings. He is proud to launch the inaugural Downing Street Non-Answer of the Night...listen out! @eddiemair  | #Coronavirus 

Eddie Mair broke down the dates that scientific advice was given to the government and how the PM ignored it while telling the UK to obey it. @eddiemair  | #COVID19 

Eddie Mair invited the seven Cabinet ministers who previously criticised the proroguing of parliament on to his show, but all seven refused. So how was he going to fill that time? ??? @eddiemair  | #Prorogation 

Eddie Mair: "Why don't you open your cheque book and refund the money?" @eddiemair  | @Nigel_Farage  | #Brexit 

Liz Truss dismissing a Second Referendum: “I don’t think people have changed their minds." Eddie Mair: "You have." Liz Truss: "I have, that's true." | #Brexit 

Alright a bit of confirmation for those wildly speculating online – LBC has benched Nigel Farage for the entirely of the election campaign. Instead, former BBC veteran Eddie Mair’s show extends for an hour each day.

In an interview with Eddie Mair, the truth came out about how Boris and his chum plotted to break a journalist’s ribs. Is this really the person we want running our country? Make sure people know about this. ?

Eddie Mair played soundbites of senior members of the cabinet expressing opposition to proroguing parliament, but all have refused to comment on today's events. @eddiemair  | #Prorogation 

Here is Amber Rudd having an absolute mare, courtesy of Eddie Mair. Please do consider sharing.