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Economist, civil society leader and #Nobel  Peace Prize recipient Professor#MuhammadYunus  has called upon all athletes to provide leadership in creating a world of “three zeros”.

By The Economist’s estimate, some 4m Indians had died of covid-19 by the end of June

Good read from @Birdyword  on South East Asia - increasing economic hit and less macro policy space to respond. Outbreaks of covid-19 leave South-East Asia with little policy room from TheEconomist

Global #insurance  industry poised to recover more quickly and forcefully from the COVID-19 #pandemic  than it did after the 2008 financial crisis, says insurer Swiss Re AG’s economist @ThomasHolzheu 

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Social insurance scheme needs to cover all New Zealanders - economist

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In the weekend edition of the DealBook Newsletter: Even in normal times, hosting the Olympics doesn’t pay off, argues the economist @azimbalitw .

[REPORT] Earnings Preview: A solid earnings should validate the level of Aussie share prices. The outlook is more complicated. Our Chief Economist previews key themes likely to emerge this August

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“You have to equate doping in sport with crime in society, there’s never going to be an end to crime in society.” The champion sprinter @MJGold  tells @annemcelvoy  why he thinks it’s impossible to eradicate doping in sport on “The Economist Asks” podcast

“I think that they’re trying to stay out of politics, and I don’t think that’s right.” On “The Economist Asks” podcast, @MJGold  explains why he doesn’t agree with the International Olympic Committee’s decision to ban athletes from protesting on the podium

On Journalism in Africa Intellectual magazines are flourishing in Africa via @TheEconomist 


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Just 8.4% of the world’s population live in a “full democracy” according to The Economist Intelligence Unit’s latest Democracy Index

Why would we listen to the economist who admits he went too small last time if he’s warning us to go small again? I swear this town is nuts. It’s like people can only remember thirty names and so they just keep going back to the same people.

I don’t think I’ve said this loud enough, so here goes: Every economist I know believes that the single best way to ensure a robust recovery is to beat the bug. There’s no economic health without public health.

Not a single economist or public health expert.

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Amazing how that works. Thanks @realDonaldTrump ⁩ Immigration to America is down. Wages are up | United States | The Economist

“We have greater confidence in our call for a V-shaped recovery, given recent upside surprises in growth data and policy action.” Chetan Ahya, Chief Economist at Morgan Stanley

Fauci is a quintessential scientist, invaluable for his expertise in one area, but a constitutional dunce, a political dunce, an economic dunce. We should no more take his counsel on those matters than we should ask a top-flight lawyer or economist to develop a vaccine

JUST IN: Bank of America's top economist said to clients that the United States is now in a recession

Ronald Reagan’s great economist, the recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, has just said great things about a Payroll Tax Cut!

Love to have credit to my work and @FinancialTimes  cropped out by a Nobel prize winning economist. I think in economics they call this the free rider problem.