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Joe Biden's historic and catastrophic Afghanistan disaster will echo through time for decades. The Taliban recently dissolved Afghanistan's Human Rights Commission.

Tomorrow's ECHO front page We 💙 you Everton "Toffees secure Premier League survival...but it shouldn't have ever come to this"

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Stefanik's echo of 'great replacement' rhetoric offers clues to her national ambitions - and her changing district (NBC News)

#TopGunMaverick’s Glen Powell is ready to take off: “Great careers don’t happen overnight.”

The latest evening ECHO headlines on Tuesday, May 19

The Echo is recruiting for a Social media video producer. @jobsatreach 

A new Sephora is headed to the Glen Allen Kohl's, 11240 W. Broad St., on May 27.


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You have to live in an echo chamber the size of a walnut to think attacking Dr. Fauci is good electoral politics.

A voter once told McCain she couldn’t trust Obama because “he’s an Arab.” McCain took the mic and said decisively: “No, ma’am.” When Trump’s words led to a “send her back” chant, he let it echo through the arena. Trump’s GOP knows exactly what he represents. And they like it.

So excited about this campaign. Thank you @CalvinKlein  and Glen Luchford. Our Now. #MyCalvins 

There’s a disturbing echo in Trump’s coronavirus response. From eschewing pandemic preparedness and oversight to demanding praise, Trump acts in his personal political interest, not the national interest. Because a man with no moral compass will never find his way.

It’s worth noting that most people who echo a world where facts and expertise don’t matter in politics or the climate crisis or economic justice still choose to go to fact-based expert doctors when they get sick.

OUR NOW. #MYCALVINS : introducing our #Spring2019  #CALVINKLEINJEANS  and #CALVINKLEINUNDERWEAR  campaign — featuring , , , and . Shot and directed by Glen Luchford. See more at Music: “True Faith” by New Order

Fun Fact: The studio lots of Disney, Warner Bros, Paramount, Fox and Sony could fit inside @tylerperry ’s studio lot at the same time - and there would still be 60 acres to spare. All on a former Confederate Army base. A stunning achievement that will echo through the generations.

U.S. presidents sit at an apex of information. Thousands in government work to get to the truth, in war zones, in economic data, in science, and much more. But President Trump eschews all that - his primary briefings come from Fox News hosts in a fact-free echo chamber.

We've been waiting a long time for this... Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta #TheShield  #RAW 

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Let's all echo Congressman John Lewis: "I don't see the President-elect as a legitima(e President." That is correct. #illegitimatePresident