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MAFS' Claire Nomarhas breaks down in tears after she enters the dinner party alone

Should it be illegal to ‘influence’ a woman seeking an abortion? ✍️ Claire Fox

@scottythegoat  @crikey_newsC  @Dom_Perrottetl  @Claire_J_Harrisa  @4cornersire  is not gay. And neither are most of the 30+ former students we spoke to before broadcast. Not to mention the dozens we have heard from since.

Claire points out at least one graduate unsuccessfully tried to complain to the NSW Education Standards Authority. She’s arguing here for a more robust and transparent complaints mechanism. Which, given the ordeal she describes (and so many others have to us) seems reasonable.

MAFS AU: Jesse admits he could have 'done better' by wife Claire

The temperature has risen about 30 degrees in the past 2 days, and people across Eau Claire got outside to make the most of it.

While the temps will be warmer, this complicates the forecast since a mix of rain and snow is expected with our next system that arrives Monday afternoon. While Eau Claire could see snow, the best chance for minor accumulations is north of highway 29.

Proud of AUPH cooperation to enhance #maritimeboarderprotection  in the Philippines. @AusBorderForce  Deputy Commander Claire Rees met with @coastguardph  Deputy Commandant RADM Ronnie Gavan to discuss Australian-funded training and vessel sustainment opportunities for PCG staff.

MAFS 2023: Jesse catches wife Claire hooking up with another groom

Catherine (and Claire) have done such a good job raising Ryan. I feel like a proud brother watching him tonight #HappyValley 


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Watch the moment Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) tried to pass a bill guaranteeing military pay and death benefits during the gov’t shutdown — and GOP leader Mitch McConnell blocked it

No.10 broke precedent and snubbed Britain’s first black archbishop for a peerage because it says the House of Lords is too large, but it made room for Ian Botham, Claire Fox and Theresa May’s husband. Blatant institutional prejudice #BlackLivesMatter 

YouTube star Claire Wineland has died just a week after receiving a lung transplant. The 21-year-old, who had cystic fibrosis, was known for inspiring countless people with her honest talk about illness and mortality.

Back in 2017, after John McCain had spoken out about Trump’s policies, I saw him before an Armed Services comm meeting and asked what it was going to take to get other Rs to speak out. He said “Claire, it’s gonna take his approval rating to get down to mid 30’s.” Today it’s 38.

@justinbieber 's #Purpose  is out NOW! Get a FREE EXCLUSIVE poster when you buy @ Claire's!

No matter what she says, Senator Claire McCaskill will always vote against us and the Great State of Missouri! Vote for Josh Hawley - he will be a great Senator!

Claire McCaskill wants her opponent to investigate James O’Keefe for … exposing her agenda? Hahaha let’s look into who exposed my lies to my constituents... good one?

ZERO Democrats voted for tax cuts. That means: Claire McCaskill voted against bonuses for Missourians. Bob Casey voted against more jobs for Pennsylvanians. Jon Tester voted against raises for Montanans. Debbie Stabenow voted against lower taxes for Michiganders.

Claire McCaskill says she’s had “no call or meeting w/Russian ambassador. Ever.” But she tweeted about two. It’s easy to forget.