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Dr. Zachary Sussman knew the materials for each antibody test only amounted to about $8. His insurance was charged $10,984.

WATCH: @KWCHArielle  spoke with the Chief of Sports Medicine at CU, Dr. Eric McCarty, about why proper conditioning & a ramped-up contact program will help HS football players stay safe this fall with a limited amount of time to prepare. #9sportsSTORY :

Listening to the keynote at this year's (virtual) Doylestown Book Fair tonight: A great webcast with Dr. Ibram Kendi, author of "How to be an Antiracist...." He is a Temple University grad, by the way!

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The United States has surpassed 7 million confirmed cases of Covid-19. "I'm always an optimist, but we're clearly going in the wrong direction right now," says Dr. Sanjay Gupta. "When you have this much virus circulating you are already starting to see an uptick."

"I think if we find life... it would be different from what we know on our own planet." In the new #GravityAssist , our Chief Scientist Jim Green & Dr. Athena Coustenis of @Obs_Paris  explain why our solar system's icy moons fascinate astrobiologists:

Congrats to Brick & Bourbon, where the alcohol menu is a little like an adult Dr. Seuss book.

"Half of parents feel uncomfortable with one situation or the other," Guilford County Schools SuperintendentDr. Sharon Contreras said.

Dr. Greg Vanichkachorn says post-COVID-19 symptoms can be severe enough that they prevent patients from getting back to their normal lives. That's why Mayo started the COVID Activity Rehabilitation Program, or CARP.

@ResearchRonin  @DrBradKlontzHere 's the link on Ricochet-- also available on every podcast network (Just search The Roth Effect Dr. Brad Klontz)

In her statement, dr'>Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry continued to encourage public health safety measures, including physical distancing and limiting one's social circle.


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Hannity. Rush. Dobbs. Ingraham. Pirro. Nunes. Tammy. Geraldo. Doocy. Hegseth. Schlapp. Siegel. Watters. Dr. Drew. Henry. Ainsley. Gaetz. Inhofe. Pence. Kudlow. Conway. Trump. Today, we salute the Heroes of the Pandumbic.

Please watch highly respected Dr. Harvey Risch of Yale, on Hydroxychloroquine.

Paging Dr. Fauci! According to JHU, NY’s per capita death rate is more than 2X greater than Italy Spain & Britain & more than 8X worse than Florida & 10X worse than Texas. For you to say NY got it done correctly disregards the facts & calls your judgement into question.

This is the letter sent to Dr. Tedros of the World Health Organization. It is self-explanatory!

Every so often, I re-read Dr. King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail. While some of the injustices may have changed, his poetic brilliance, moral clarity, and tests of conscience still reverberate today. Take a moment to reflect on his righteous call:

Dr. King was 26 when the Montgomery bus boycott began. He started small, rallying others who believed their efforts mattered, pressing on through challenges and doubts to change our world for the better. A permanent inspiration for the rest of us to keep pushing towards justice.

I’ve always drawn inspiration from what Dr. King called life’s most persistent and urgent question: "What are you doing for others?" Let’s honor his legacy by standing up for what is right in our communities and taking steps to make a positive impact on the world.

Dr. Ford has passed a polygraph test and given the Committee the results. Judge Kavanaugh has not. She has called for outside witnesses to testify. Judge Kavanaugh has not. She called for an FBI investigation. Judge Kavanaugh has not.

This tweet is for Dr. Ford. You put yourself through so much and I want you to know it wasn’t in vain. You started a movement and we’ll see it through. If they won’t listen to our voices, then they’ll listen to our vote.

The FBI sent a letter to convince Dr. King to kill himself in 1964.