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What changed? Nothing changed. They just realized they lost, and changed the guidelines to fit the L.

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No one listens to sports talk radio in L.A. Why the people in charge aren't worried

10 great new pizza restaurants in L.A., ranked by our critic

🎙 Chatting with @erickdemoura , CEO of @cartesiproject  on: • Building L2 solutions • Project differentiation • Accessibility for Web3 newcomers • Thoughts on ZK-Proof • and more! Watch 📺: Listen 🎧:

Douglas Ross has revealed Boris Johnson used “rude” words during an angry conversation when the Scottish Conservative leader called for him to resign.

The #InflationReductionAct  will provide $5 billion for Climate Pollution Reduction Grants for state planning and implementation of greenhouse gas reduction programs, which will help Maine achieve its goal of carbon neutrality by 2045. 🌎🌲🌊

A fuel reduction project stopped a Douglas County fire in its tracks. @ZacSlotemaker  has more.

The Inflation Reduction Act will empower Medicare to directly negotiate drug prices, impacting nearly 350,000 beneficiaries in Maine. That's just another reason why I'm voting yes today!

Ryan Willman Acquires 1,000 Shares of Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P. $CLMT Stock

N.L. premier says fire situation is 'turning a corner'

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In Maine, we have no voter ID laws, we have same day registration, we have no-excuse absentee voting, we have mail-in voting, we have early voting, we have 24/7 drop boxes. And we have virtually no fraud. Expanding ballot access doesn't encourage fraud; it encourages VOTING.

Every time Elon Musk pokes fun at government assistance for the 99%, remember that he would be worth nothing without $4.9 billion in corporate welfare. Oh, Elon just l-o-v-e-s corporate socialism for himself, rugged capitalism for everyone else.

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Trump visits the coronavirus swab production line in Maine, without a mask, and the manufacturer says it will now have to throw away the day’s output.

Beautiful Maine Lobsters will now move tariff-free to Europe! For first time in many years. GREAT new deal by USTR levels playing field with Canada. Millions of $’s more in EXPORTS...

Pres. Obama destroyed the lobster and fishing industry in Maine. Now it’s back, bigger and better than anyone ever thought possible. Enjoy your “lobstering” and fishing! Make lots of money!

This is Joaquin Oliver. He was one of the 17 young lives that were lost tragically at Douglas HighSchool in Parkland. Joaquin was one of many that i heard was excited about my return to Miami and yesterday was buried in my jersey. This is why we will not just SHUT up and dribble!

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Dear Student Activists From Stoneman Douglas, Keep doing what you’re doing. The fact the the right wing “media” is attacking you means what you’re doing is working. We are standing by your side. With Love, Support and Appreciation, Me