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“Stick with looking for value for money,” Doug Ford said of Bonnie Lysyk after the release of a highly critical report about COVID-19 response. “Don’t start pretending you’re a doctor or a health professional because, I can tell you, you aren’t.”

doug ford'>Ontario Premier Doug Ford lashes out at ‘buffoons’ who keep protesting COVID-19 restrictions at his home

A funeral service is being held this afternoon for Const. Marc Hovingh, an Ontario Provincial Police officer who died last week in the line of duty on Manitoulin Island. doug ford'>Ontario Premier Doug Ford will attend.

Doug Ford slams anti-lockdown protesters outside his home as 'buffoons;' begs them to stop

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Doug Ford tells protestors to stop going after his neighbours and acting like buffoons #Toronto  #TOpoli  #DougFord  #ONpoli 

"Stop acting like a bunch of buffoons out there and start respecting the people of Ontario." Doug Ford criticized a recent group of protesters that met outside his home and allegedly threatened his neighbours over provincial lockdown measures.

Doug Ford slams anti-lockdown protesters outside his home as ‘buffoons’

doug ford'>Premier Doug Ford used the same term five times on Tuesday to describe the rapid COVID-19 tests the province is rolling out: “game changer.” The health experts tasked with advising government on their use, however, describe these tests very differently:

WATCH LIVE | doug ford'>Ontario Premier Doug Ford and other ministers provide their daily COVID-19 update on Nov. 27, 2020.


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NEW: After @TorontoStar  revelations, @StevenDelDuca : “a jaw-dropping scandal has revealed that Doug Ford lied to Ontario and betrayed the trust of voters. Ford ignored the advice of Ontario’s top doctors and then lied to us about it.” Urges replacement of “political plan.”

"Doug Ford’s Tories are spending about $5 billion more than Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals. And borrowing a lot more. Yet their April budget has cut deeply into programs for people in Toronto and across the province. Where did the extra money go?": @reggcohn .

This was a nice moment from Premier Doug Ford’s daily news conference when he recognized the important work of sign language interpreter Christopher Desloges. #onpoli  #COVID19 

BREAKING: doug ford'>Premier Doug Ford says that schools will not reopen on April 6, as scheduled. "Do I believe and does the minister believe that April 6 the kids will be going back to school? The kids wont be going back to school on April 6," he says.

BREAKING: doug ford'>Premier Doug Ford has ordered the mandatory closure of all non-essential workplaces in the province. The order will take effect at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday and will last for 14 days. “We must get ahead of this virus to beat this virus," he says.

Funny that Doug Ford's new gas pump stickers forgot to tell you his Ontario govt takes 8% sales tax + 14.7% fuel tax. On a $50 fillup @$1.20/litre, that's $1.83 to Ottawa (rebated in your tax return) vs $7.35 going to Ford in fuel tax + $4.59 PST = $11.94! Sticker shock?

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doug ford'>Ontario Premier Doug Ford was greeted with a chorus of boos when he was announced to the crowd at the #raptorsparade . #onpoli  #wethenorth  MORE:

doug ford'>Premier Doug Ford booed by crowd gathered for @Raptors  parade and fan rally at Nathan Phillips Square. Mayor John Tory and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau enjoy warmer reception from #Toronto  crowd #WeTheNorth  #ONpoli  #Canpoli  #TOpoli 

BREAKING: Interim OPP Commissioner Brad Blair alleges Premier Doug Ford's chief of staff asked the police force "to purchase a large camper type vehicle ... modified to specifications the premier's office would provide us" and keep the costs "off the books." #onpoli 

Doug Ford is turning something that he didn't run on, that serves no urgent purpose, that his base wasn't clamouring for, and that seems to be based mostly on personal beefs from his days as a municipal politician into his defining issue as premier.