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Let’s play Doomsday Bingo: 24 deadly scenarios to track – will world lose? | WRAL TechWire

The man who was discovered living in an Austrian cellar with his six British-born children is a "Doomsday prepper" who previously worked in IT in London

#BangkokPost : On Tuesday last week, they reset the Doomsday Clock to 90 seconds before midnight. How did they know that Germany would agree to give Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine on Wednesday #Opinion  #Ukraine 

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It's been a while since the world had been surrounded by so much evil. The Doomsday Clock remains at 100 seconds to midnight in 2022— the closest ever to apocalypse. The farthest the clock has been from midnight was 17 min. That was in 1991.

An alleged conspiracy theorist and doomsday prepper in Austria has been charged after he was found living with his six young children in a wine cellar.

‘A glass of wine a day may kill me … the Doomsday Clock just moved up … which one will get me first?’ Cheers to the end of the world, plus other letters to the editor for Jan. 30

The Doomsday Clock moved to how many seconds to midnight this week? 🤷‍♀️ If you know the answer, you might have been paying attention to the news. Take the USA TODAY News Quiz.


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The Doomsday Clock was moved to 90 seconds to midnight today, Jan. 24, the closest it's ever been. The Doomsday Clock is a decades-long project of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists featuring a clock face where midnight represents Armageddon.

This Qatar World Cup is turning out to be one of the best ever, on & off the pitch. Not a good development for all the virtue-signalling doomsday merchants.

Lots of videos of Russian POWs (including a lieutenant-colonel) and abandoned Russian positions coming from the Balakliya-Izyum front as Russian military bloggers and analysts remain in doomsday mode. The speed of the Ukrainian advance seems to have stunned everyone.

Deadly heat waves have swept the globe and will continue to because of climate change. The trends are prompting doomsday questions: Will parts of the world soon become too hot to live in? How will we survive?

FLASHBACK: @SenSchumer  in 2005: Eliminating the filibuster would "be a doomsday for democracy."

Doomsday update just dropped: "If Thwaites Glacier collapses, it opens the door for the rest of the West Antarctic ice sheet to slide into the sea. ... It’s not only goodbye Miami, but goodbye to virtually every low-lying coastal city in the world."

Join an unlikely alliance to save San Andreas from total annihilation in an epic new online adventure. GTA ONLINE: THE DOOMSDAY HEIST Coming December 12th:

Never before in recorded history has a single disease burned down so much of the tree of life. New estimates show that the doomsday fungus called Bd has caused the decline of over 500 species and the extinction of at least 90.

11 years ago today, the Doctor burnt up a sun just to say goodbye to Rose in Doomsday ? #DoctorWho