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Putin's invading army has vast military superiority in Donbas. When NATO leaders meet next week, they must think creatively and boldly about how to shift the balance of power in Donbas in favor of #Ukraine . More weapons, more ammunition, better weapons, delivered more quickly!

The Russian military will soon exhaust its combat capabilities and be forced to bring its offensive in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region to a grinding halt, according to Western intelligence It’s so funny how incompetent they are

Ben Solomon travels to Kharkiv and Donbas to explore how the frontline has evolved since the start of the war in Ukraine. , tomorrow at 8pm ET o #VICEonSHO  @Showtime 

Russia uses recurring lies in Ukraine, including the protection of ethnic Russians in Donbas, ‘de-nazifying’ Ukraine, and blaming the invasion on NATO, writes @adamjkowalski  @CHRussiaEurasia ).

Day 122. Russia fires 40+ missiles at Ukraine, some from Belarus. Donbas battle continues. The Ukrainian resistance assassinates a Russian collaborator in Kherson. Russia condemns the EU’s decision to accept Ukraine and Moldova as membership candidates.

Ukraine risks losing almost the whole of the Donbas region says the Evening Standard's Defence Editor, and it won't get back the parts it's lost within his lifetime. @mattfrei  | @robfox45 

Marine commander Oleksandr is fighting on the frontline in the Donbas region of Ukraine. He says 80% of his unit have now been killed or wounded - but that the Russians have also suffered losses. Full story from Sky's @sparkomat :

The mayor of Mykolaiv, the embattled southern Ukrainian port city, has called for “everyone who wants to survive” to leave, because “it’s not clear when all this will be over.”

UA A British-American former US Marine colonel and his team of special operations veterans are volunteers with the Mozart Group – they run daily evacuations from Ukraine’s wartorn Donbas region and other conflict hotspots few would dare to enter

Ukrainian forces will withdraw from #Sievierodonetsk , a city that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy once said would determine the “fate” of the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine. Read more: via @nytimes 


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Putins army in Donbas has much great firepower than the Ukrainian army. Leaders of the free world must act faster to alter this balance of power in favor of Ukraine. It’s just that simple.

Zelensky: The fight in the Donbas “will surely go down in military history as one of the most brutal battles in Europe and for Europe.” He said about Russian forces: “We are dealing with absolute evil.” The Ukrainian president also repeated pleas for Western military assistance.

Warning: graphic. Horrific images & reports from Kramatorsk train station where state railway company board chairman Oleksandr Kamyshin says more than 30 people killed, 100+ others injured in a Russian rocket attack. 1000s of civilians fleeing the Donbas were there. 🎥: Kamyshin

If Putin's army is not stopped in Donbas, it will continue to march West. What invading army ever stops on its own? They only stopped when they were forced to do so by another army. Give Ukrainians the weapons they need to stop Putin's army!

In 2014, appeasers hoped that giving Putin Crimea and Donbas would produce peace. It didn't work. 8 years later, he invaded Ukraine. Why on earth do people think today that giving Putin more of Ukraine will produce peace? Illogical.

Zelensky addressing the Russian people in Russian now: “Today I initiated a phone call with the president of the Russian Federation. The result was silence, though the silence should be in the Donbas. As a result I want to address all citizens of Russia…

Like the heroic victory in the Battle of Kyiv, Ukraine must now prevail again in the battle of Donbas. More weapons and better weapons as soon as possible!

The maps of Ukraine being shown on televison need to change parts of Donbas regions from "Russia-backed separatists controlled" to "Russia-occupied." There are no independent, Ukrainian separatist movements in these regions. It's simply Russian occupation.

The Ukrainians shot down MH17, the Syrian opposition gassed themselves, the White Helmets are al-Qaeda, Navalny collapsed because of medication he was taking, the GRU agents were in Salisbury to see the cathedrals, there are no Russian troops in Crimea or Donbas…

@PentagonPresSec  Zelensky speaks to the nation. The gravity of the situation looks to have really gotten to him. "Today I initiated a phone conversation with the president of the Russian Federation. The result was silence. Although it's the Donbas where there should be silence. "

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