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The clock is ticking for DART to find alternative funding sources to maintain bus services and stave off a looming $4 million deficit.

WANTED: Driver of dark Dodge Charger that hit skateboarding teen, fled the scene #Detroit 

Silicon Valley Bank collapse: Juha Saarinen - Did we just dodge an ‘extinction level event’ for startups?, via @nzherald 

🔴 A record proportion of buy-to-let landlords are buying in cash to dodge high mortgage rates

"The Georgia judge called Lindsey Graham 'a necessary and material witness' who can't dodge grand jury testimony." Enjoy your time in court, Lindsey. DONALD's next. This was not a movie. The Devil We Know.

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Beaver Dam, population 16,647, is one of the last places in Dodge County that ATVs and UTVs can’t be driven on the street. That may change soon.

Cops Vs supporters at #ImranKhan 's residence: Can he dodge arrest this time? #6PMPrime  with @Akshita_N  | #ITLivestream 

But, @JessGrose  says, many of these millennials have managed — so far, at least — to dodge that angst, and it’s not because they’re in the happy, well-adjusted place that they were promised. Just ask Caitlin Dunham, who is turning 40.

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There was no way to dodge slap jokes at this year's Oscars.

Why Some SVB Investors Could Dodge a Bullet $FDS $STT $BLK $JPM $APAM


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Watch Falcon 9 launch @NASA’s DART mission – humanity’s first planetary defense test to redirect an asteroid

Deployment confirmed, @NASA’s DART is on its way to redirect an asteroid

All systems and weather are looking good for tonight’s Falcon 9 launch of @NASA’s DART into an asteroid-intercepting interplanetary trajectory →

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Massive semen explosion after blaze hits bull artificial insemination facility, firefighters forced to dodge "projectiles"

Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak have been fined by the police for breaking the law. Now they should be held to account for the UK’s 170,000 Covid deaths, Covid contract corruption and for the millions of people they have plunged into poverty while the super rich dodge their taxes.

Sir David Attenborough says it is "shameful" of the Prime Minister not to attend last night's climate change debate.  "I don't know what else he had to do, but it would have to be very, very important to dodge this one." Snow meets Attenborough. Tonight at 7pm on Channel 4.

President Obama refuses to answer question about Iran terror funding. I won't dodge questions as your President.

You can’t dodge impeachment like you dodged the war, @realDonaldTrump . That’s not how this works.

IT ONLY TAKES TWO SECONDS TO RETWEET: A Silver Alert is out for missing 83yo Louis Brooks Jr, who was last seen in the area of Dysart and Indian School in Avondale, Driving in blue 2016 Dodge Dart, with AZ license plate WCFMV2. Call police with any information.

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Opinion: Trump’s adversaries have spent more than two years trying to dodge accountability, writes @kimstrassel