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🚨 HUGE news in AI: Google just launched Generative AI across ALL of Google Workspace -- Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Images -- EVERYTHING. They made a video showing off the new AI's capabilities. It's AWESOME.

Nice print for $DOCSSize: 287181 Price: 29.71 Amount: $8,532,147.51 Time: 1830 See more: Join to get REAL TIME prints. Runners 📈: Losers 📉: Gappers 🪜:

🤖 According to Google, here are just a few of the MANY things you will be able to do with their new AI: 🔵 Draft, reply, summarize, and prioritize your Gmail 🔵 Brainstorm, proofread, write, and rewrite in Docs...

Google is deepening its push into generative artificial intelligence, introducing features that will let users create text in Gmail and Docs using the company’s AI technology.

Man accused of shooting 2 Hermann officers planned to commit 'suicide by cop,' court docs say:

Google Workspace, including docs'>Google Docs, Sheets and Gmail, will soon include generative AI tools that aim to aid with work.

Google is shoving generative AI into Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Meet, Chat and Slides

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Speculations of Incoming Docs Ensue as Developers Work on #Shibarium  Puppyscan Page $SHIB #Shibariumbeta 

Tiger Woods' ex Erica Herman signed an NDA in exchange for the 'opportunity' to spend time with the golfer: court docs

Google brings new AI-powered features to Gmail, Docs, and more


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Key differences between Trump and Biden storage of classified docs: 1. Mar-a-Lago is secure b/c it’s under Secret Service protection; Biden’s think tank is not 2. Biden Center is heavily subsidized with Chinese government money 3. Trump had the power to declassify; Biden did not

Yana is ten. She’s one of four children I have just met in a Ukrainian hospital. A week ago she was in Kramatorsk train station trying to escape the war when it was hit by missiles. She has lost both her legs. And her mother. (At the request of docs we aren’t showing her face)

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Conservatives: The reach of our tweets is being limited by a progressive Twitter workforce. Dems: That's an insane conspiracy theory. Bari Weiss: Here are the docs proving this. Dems: Everyone knew this already. It's an -- all together now -- nothing burger.

Thousands of migrant children were sexually abused in U.S. custody, HHS docs say

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In MO the moment Roe falls, law will dictate the following: life begins at conception, all termination of that life..even morning after pill, IUD will be illegal. No exceptions for rape or incest. And makes docs helping families have a baby thru IVF subject to criminal charges.

BREAKING: @jsolomonReports  reports that Pres. Trump has ordered the declassification of intelligence docs from Obamagate, including Christopher Steele’s debriefings and FBI asset Stefan Halper’s instructions. Expected to be released tomorrow or Monday. #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs 

On June 19th, 1999 I got hit by a van while taking a walk. As I lay unconscious in the hospital, the docs debated amputating my right leg and decided it could stay, on a trial basis. I got better. Every day of the 20 years since has been a gift.

Just-released documents show the White House moved to stop vital military aid to #Ukraine  less than two hours after his July 25 call with Ukraine’s President Here’s a White House memo to the Pentagon: Docs#UkraineDocs 

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Hey guess what everyone? hired undocumented immigrants for $4 an hour for a demolition project. Here are the court docs