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France running out of time as beluga whale stuck in River Seine refuses food

Testing done over the weekend did not detect the presence of hexavalent chromium in the Huron River system, according to Michigan officials.

A River Canard woman has been driving the same blue Ford Mustang for parts of 7 decades. We'll go for a spin with Betty Shaw at 7:40. Tune to 97.5fm in Windsor or 91.9fm in Leamington or stream live here -

France launches rescue mission for beluga whale stuck in Seine river

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French environmentalists say they will attempt to move a beluga whale that strayed into the Seine River last week to a saltwater river basin to try and save its life.

Rescuers to move whale stranded in French river to saltwater

Rescuers to move whale stranded in French river to saltwater

Italy declares state of emergency as River Po experiences worst drought in 70 years

Heavy rains drenched South Korea’s capital region, turning the streets of Seoul’s affluent Gangnam district into a river. At least seven people were killed and six others were missing

A dangerous chemical has spilled into a Michigan river that flows into Lake Erie. We'll hear about that at 7:12. Tune to 97.5fm in Windsor or 91.9fm in Leamington or stream live here -


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Cry me a river, Jeff Bezos lost out on a space contract so now Senate inserts a Bezos bailout provision for $10 billion for his space company?? Isn’t there some remnant of decency in Congress to oppose bailouts for billionaires?

We are delighted to confirm that we have completed the signing of Julian Alvarez from River Plate ✍️ ⬇️ DETAILS ⬇️

Julián Álvarez to Manchester City from River Plate, done deal and here we go! Agreement confirmed as expected last week. €18.5m fee to River with bonuses/taxes. Julián will sign for five years. 🕷 AR#MCFC  Deal now sealed - Álvarez will remain at River Plate on loan until July.

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Wildlife photographer captures adorable moment when a river otter decided to slide down a snowy hill at Yellowstone.

Timeline cleanser: (But if you’ve already seen a lady playing the piano for an elephant in a river today then today just keep on scrolling.)

What a unique friendship! Chinese netizen shared videos showing every morning the neighbor's ducks come to his door and call for their friends, then all 11 ducks go to the river together. ???

Cincinnati !! What a beautiful venue for tonight’s gig ! Perfect weather , on the river . Oh it’s gona be great

These heroes will do ANYTHING - jump in an icy river, break into a car, form a human chain - to save a dog’s life ? ??

Border Patrol took us to the border itself, including a boat patrol of the Rio Grande River. We saw Mexican government authorities patrolling. Border Patrol told us this was a direct result of the Trump Administration’s efforts to work with Mexico.