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So I'd been engaged a few times recently by this account: @SweetingElaine  Fairly bog-standard anti-Trudeau stuff. Seemed a bit too stiff, though. So ran a Google search for the image. Turns out the account was using a photo of a Ukrainian woman, @kvitkanadiia .

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Much of Mariupol, including its museums, was destroyed or badly damaged when Russian troops laid siege to the Ukrainian city. But as fighting raged, valuable artworks were being tracked down and removed by Russian forces.

Fake posts pretending to be from the BBC, CNN and DW are fueling pro-Russian disinformation. One video, posing as DW content, claimed to depict the case of a Ukrainian refugee who supposedly extorted women in Germany. But no such case was reported.

The two vehicles were hit and then captured by the Ukrainian army near Kyiv and the northern city of Kharkiv.

The Galway Film Fleadh is up and running for the first time in three years. The schedule includes a film starring Ukrainian actor Yana Koroliova, who now lives in Ireland following the Russian invasion of her homeland | Read more:

The evacuation of civilians from the eastern Ukrainian city of Sloviansk is under way following a heavy bombardment in recent days by Russian forces

What would a Ukrainian victory look like? And what will Kyiv and its partners need to do to ensure the country’s security in the years ahead?

📹Banned ‘butterfly’ anti-personnel land mines, torture rooms, and shell craters: what Ukrainian forces left after retreating from Lisichansk VIDEO

Russian shelling killed at least eight civilians in eastern Ukraine over the past 24 hours and wounded 25 more, Ukrainian officials said Wednesday.

Ukrainian president Zelenskiy accuses Vitol over ‘Russian blood oil’


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President Zelensky walked to a hospital today to visit wounded Ukrainian soldiers and award them with state honors for their sacrifices.

Leaked document from Russia with order to film propaganda videos in order to discredit the attitude of Ukrainian forces to POWs

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Ukrainian President Zelenskiy turns down U.S. request to evacuate Kyiv, saying: "I need ammunition, not a ride" - AP

A reminder that the Ukrainian commentator for #Eurovision , Timur Miroshnychenko, is broadcasting from a bunker in an undisclosed location tonight

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Message from a Ukrainian solider: If anything happens don’t let us be forgotten. We are surrounded in Mariupol no way out.

1/14 How an ordinary Russian TV viewer (one of whom I currently am) sees it. I learned about the monstrous events in Bucha yesterday morning from the news that Russia was convening the UN Security Council in connection with the massacre by Ukrainian Nazis in Bucha.

Malaysia Airlines has lost contact of MH17 from Amsterdam. The last known position was over Ukrainian airspace. More details to follow.

No expert, but the invasion doesn’t seem to be going particularly well. Ukrainian tractor steals Russian APC today 👇

There is reportedly a Ukrainian fighter pilot who has taken out 6 Russian jets in air to air combat. He is being called the "Ghost of Kyiv"

One of the few positive effects of these scary times is the increased interest in skateboarding. It’s been uplifting to see so many learning to skate in their “downtime.” I believe they’re in pursuit of the same feeling this Ukrainian girl got when she landed her first kickflip.