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The Republicans had better be vigilant because any Supreme Court pick by Biden is going to be as much of a disaster for this country as everything else he does. “Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire”

I hate drawdowns. Nothing ruins my trading day more than a big drawdown. So, my entire strategy is designed around keeping them small. I just now got off the phone with my friend - fellow Market Wizard - Larry Hite. He's been one my main influences and mentors on risk management.

We inaugurated the 7th edition of the Dubai International Project Management Forum and honored the organizing partners @expo2020dubai . The forum, set to attract 1,500 international participants, is a platform for exchanging ideas and discussing development in the management field

Southwestern Investment Group, a Franklin, Tenn.-based hybrid advisory firm with more than 60 advisors and about $5.8 billion in assets, announced that Merchant Investment Management has taken a non-controlling, minority stake in the firm.

Digital-led wealth management that’s fast, intuitive and always available. We’re excited to work with @Wealthfront  to grow our business in the US and connect more investors to our global investment ecosystem. #shareUBS 

UGASports LIVE — Roster management season for the champs

Deutsche Bank AG has decided to initiate a share repurchase program of 300 million euros. The Management Board also intends to propose a cash dividend of 0.20 euro per share for the financial year 2021

IN THE NEWS: Unilever to cut 1,500 management jobs in strategic overhaul – from Reuters

Credit Suisse flags fresh legal costs and says business in its trading and wealth management divisions had slowed.

Arizona State University Thunderbird School of Global Management Director General and Dean @deankhagram  discusses the launch of a free global education initiative:


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Disaster avoided. Smoothly...

WHAT A WIN!!! Yessssss. To everyone who doubted us after Adelaide, stand up and take notice. Exemplary performance but the grit and determination was the standout for us the whole way. Well done to all the boys and the management. Enjoy this historic feat lads. Cheers ???? @BCCI 

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I love the Great State of Georgia, but the people who run it, from the Governor, @BrianKempGA , to the Secretary of State, are a complete disaster and don’t have a clue, or worse. Nobody can be this stupid. Just allow us to find the crime, and turn the state Republican....

This is BIG NEWS. Dominion Voting Machines are a disaster all over the Country. Changed the results of a landslide election. Can’t let this happen. Thank you for the genius, bravery, and patriotism of the Judge. Should get a medal!

Joe Biden was a total disaster in handling the H1N1 Swine Flu, would never have produced a Vaccine in record time (years ahead of schedule), and would do a terrible job of Vaccine delivery - But doesn’t everybody already know that!

Hunter Biden’s laptop is a disaster for the entire Biden family, but especially for his father, Joe. It is now a proven fact, and cannot be denied, that all of that info is the REAL DEAL. That makes it impossible for “50%, or 10%” Joe, to ever assume the office of the President!

People don’t remember the chaos, hatred & discord that we all went through during the 8 years of Obama/Biden. St. Louis, Oakland, Baltimore, and so many other places, were a complete & total disaster. I wouldn’t be in the beautiful White House if it weren’t for Sleepy Joe, etc.

Sleepy JoeBiden’s 1994 Crime Bill was a total disaster. It was mass incarceration for Black people, many of them innocent. I did Criminal Justice Reform, something Obama & Biden didn’t even try to do - & couldn’t do even if they did try. Biden can never escape his Crime Bill!

You know it's true… Every disaster movie begins with a scientist being ignored.

For the first time in history there is a fully signed Presidential Disaster Declaration for all 50 States. We are winning, and will win, the war on the Invisible Enemy!