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“This incident bears all the hallmarks of cops deciding to issue their personal form of street justice,” the editorial board at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch said.

#NewsAlert | Tarn Taran cops arrest 3 terror suspects. Weapons and explosives recovered.

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Murder hot spot Grassy Park short on cops as 31 detectives each sit with 250 dockets

FX's 'American Horror Story' Turns Bloodthirsty Against Cops as 'Public Service' #AHSDoubleFeature 

Spit On Cops And Get Charged In Hennepin County? Depends On Whether You Avoid Their Faces

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#Breaking | #MahantNarendraGiri  death case: New video accessed which shows seer’s body was reportedly brought down by disciples before cops arrived, nylon rope cut & found in 3 parts. Amir Haque with details.

"No one should have to die in a dirty alley. RIP young man"

FX's 'American Horror Story' Turns Bloodthirsty Against Cops ‘Out of Necessity’ #AHSDoubleFeature 

Did Annamie Paul air out too much dirty laundry? Did Jagmeet Singh spend $25 million to hit the same ceiling? Did Erin O’Toole scrape too little butter over too much bread? Did Trudeau win, but actually lose? Yes. #Elxn44  #CdnPoli 

Apology after cops withheld evidence that tot who died in care was assaulted


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A man sued his employer for racial discrimination, settled the suit, took the settlement check to the bank to cash it, then the bank didn't believe the check was real and called the cops on him, leading to another racial discrimination lawsuit

White Americans aren’t afraid of the cops. White Americans are never afraid of the cops, even when they’re committing an insurrection,” @JoyAnnReid  says about the Trump supporters rioting the US Capitol.

3 million students attend schools with cops, but no nurses.

A man was shot and killed in Louisville after law enforcement said they had to "return fire" at a crowd of people. He was identified by family members as David McAtee, a popular chef and BBQ joint owner who used to feed cops for free

“We’re not dealing with bad apples, we’re dealing with a rotten tree.” Trevor addresses Daunte Wright, Caron Nazario, and the system that protects bad cops.

We’re drowning in videos of police abuse: cops cars running over protestors, an officer shoving a petite woman so hard she had a seizure, cops shooting rubber bullets at reporters on live TV. It’s clear who is escalating violence.


Is James Comey and his band of Dirty Cops going to apologize to General Michael Flynn (and many others) for what they have done to ruin his life? What about Robert Mueller and his Angry Democrat Cronies - Are they going to say, SO SORRY? And what about Obama & Biden?

Yesterday was a BIG day for Justice in the USA. Congratulations to General Flynn, and many others. I do believe there is MUCH more to come! Dirty Cops and Crooked Politicians do not go well together!