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Zach LaVine had nothing but love for the Lakers after dining in L.A. on Monday ... this, amid rumors they're hoping to land him in free agency.

UPDATE: Chase Fire Rescue Chief Brian Lauzon said all 70 units of the guest wing were destroyed by the fire, but the lobby, kitchen, dining room and conference centre are intact. Quaaout Lodge will be rebuilt, says Little Shuswap Lake Band via @KamThisWeek 

Outdoor dining, food trucks and recreation on Kanawha Boulevard will return to Charleston beginning this weekend and running through Labor Day.

YouTube coming soon. Episode 1: “Fine Dining for Bear Markets”

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The Devil We Know. The Indictment Watch. "Liz Cheney reveals Ivanka visited Donald Trump 'at least twice' on Jan. 6 to stop the violence while he was watching the attack unfold on TV in the dining room next to the Oval Office for 3 hours."

According to a new survey, more people are currently dining local (63%) than at chains (37%). How about you?

Congressional ethics investigators said that they had gathered “substantial” evidence that Representative Ronny Jackson, Republican of Texas, improperly used campaign donations to pay for unlimited access for himself and his wife to a private dining club.

Each of the glamping pods come with a bedroom, en-suite, lounge, kitchen, dining area and outside terraces with a hot tub

Cyber-security consultant Caleb Barlow is sitting in his dining room, reading Wi-Fi information off cell phones from a coffee shop across the street. It’s totally legal, and no one would have any idea he’s doing it.

Though COVID-19 restrictions have dwindled, outdoor dining in Bellevue has not.


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Putin did what Stalin failed to do -- scare Finland and Sweden into joining NATO.

America and Europe mark Victory in Europe Day today, May 8, the day that German surrender was accepted by General Eisenhower. But Stalin insisted on a separate surrender document, and a separate signing ceremony, in Berlin, on May 9. Retrospectively, this is significant.

"I survived Hitler. I survived Stalin. And I will also survive this asshole Putin"—96 year old Auschwitz survivor Anastasia Gulej. Her biography was expected to be published last month, but it has now been supplemented with another chapter, one about her escape from Ukraine.

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Putin's call for a "self-purification" of Russian society can have only one intention: To remind Russians of Stalin and his "purges." He wants them to be haunted by dark, ancestral memories, to remember their grandparents' stories and to be petrified with fear.

Putin takes another page out of Stalin’s book: New - Mariupol residents are being taken to Russia against their will by Russian forces, says Mariupol City Council. “Over the past week, several thousand Mariupol residents have been taken to Russian territory,” the Council said.

Honestly of all the things you can do, lifting the mask mandate is most aggressively stupid. It's one thing to re-open businesses that really are struggling (still too early for indoor dining/bars imho!) but the mask stuff is just sending a message "it's over!" with no benefit.

New York City indoor dining to reopen on September 30, at 25% capacity. A step in the right direction, but should go faster!


Romney was silent when his friend Scarborough accused the president of the United States of bring Hitler, a neo-Nazi, Stalin, and Mussolini.  It seems Romney’s moral outrage is situational and political.

Bernie Sanders Campaign Operative Makes Case For Concentration Camps: - Stalin & gulags were good - Gulags paid a living wage - Billionaires should be sent to gulags to break them of “privilege” @BernieSanders  hires communists who want to put YOU into camps if they are elected