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Mughals are not our heroes. They are not our ‘ancestors’. Proud that my ancestors never gave in to the sword or greed, remained firm in their dharma. But Mughals are surely a lesson this civilisation must learn, so that none can loot and convert us again.

From Karma to Dharma- Kangana & Bollywood. Several were happy at attempts to shut me up. When the State turns against you, it's difficult. : Kangana Ranaut@KanganaFanClub ), Actor tells Navika Kumar#FranklySpeakingWithKanganaon  .

Before @BuzzFeed , the Buddha was creating listicles: The 7 Factors of Enlightenment, The 3 Jewels, The 8 Worldly Winds... you get the idea. Today I take a stroll through this list with dharma teacher & former editor of @esquire , @dharmawisdom .

Shahid Kapoor has reportedly signed a new film with Shanshank Khaitan called Yoddha, to be produced by Karan Johar's Dharma Productions.

Rafale induction: 'dharma'>Sarva Dharma Puja' is over. Air display by Rafale & Tejas to be followed. Pradeep Dutta with ground details from Ambala airbase. | #RafalePowersIndia 

Now time warrants that the court should act as guardians and protect dharma in order to protect the safety of women, the court said.

'dharma'>Sarva Dharma Puja' conducted at the #Rafale  induction ceremony, at IAF airbase in AmbalaDefence Minister Rajnath Singh, Minister of the Armed Forces of France Florence Parly and Air Force Chief Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria present. #LIVE  updates:


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Ishkaran has written to food ministry that since HALAL CERTIFICATION is allowed, so should “Dharmik Certified” be allowed for food made dharma'>Sanatan Dharma norms. We have a test case of Chennai Police sealing a Hindu shop for declaring “dharmic” food only. Art 14 case.

Western Historians believe Christianity might have roots in Hindudharma via @detechter 

Serious question: Do you know of any Indian comedian who has made fun of Islam or Mohammed, and not Hindudharma and its icons? #standup 

goverment of india: “DHARMIK CERTIFIED “ for Sattvik Food by Sanatan Dharma Like “Halal Certified” exists - Sign the Petition! via @ChangeOrg_India 

For details of legal representation & steps ahead for “Dharmik Certified” to be allowed for food made dharma'>Sanatan Dharma norms. You can follow- @Ish_Bhandari 

In his message to Afghans and global Muslims, Amir ul Mumineen declares the "US termination of occupation of Afghanistan" follows the "collective victory of the Mujahid nation" and "victory of Jihad". For Hindus it means: Prepare for Dharma Yuddh !

Received a copy of "Yoga Vaashistaa" (a dialogue between Lord Rama & Sage Vaashista) from Samata Books. We must support  publishers like Samata books who have been publishing books on dharma'>Sanatana Dharma. samatabook @gmail .com

To all those saying #ThankYouPM-  appreciate the sentiment…real thanks should be to our great culture, which teaches us 'Seva ParmoDharma'.