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Rep. Devin Nunes claims Obama is Biden's 'overlord' and calls for special counsel to investigate the Trump-Russia probe

Of course. “Devin Nunes warns 'growing concern' that Biden and Obama will shut down Durham inquiry”

‘I’m Not Seeing The Indictments’: Devin Nunes Urges Appointment Of Special Counsel To Conclude Durham Investigation

For a while it looked like Devin Nunes would be the Trumpist Alpha Clown, then Matt Gaetz came flying out of nowhere like Rand Paul's neighbor, but it was always Rudy (*music swells*) he was right there all the while.

Rep. Devin Nunes claims Obama is Biden's 'overlord' and calls for special counsel to investigate the Trump-Russia probe

This Democrat wanted to take Kevin McCarthy and Devin Nunes down a peg. How did he do?

‘Good Lord, congressman’: Devin Nunes receives hilarious lecture from Lou Dobbs on Fox Business


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devin nunes'>Representative Devin Nunes, a man of tremendous courage and grit, may someday be recognized as a Great American Hero for what he has exposed and what he has had to endure!

If Devin Nunes follows through on the threat to make Adam Schiff the first person subpoenaed by Republicans to testify in the impeachment investigation how can Schiff refuse to testify under oath? If Schiff is afraid to be sworn in he is virtually confessing he has been lying.

Sacramento Bee on Devin Nunes: "Regardless of whether you lean Democratic or Republican, here’s an undeniable fact: Nunes lied to the American people and his own constituents about the Ukraine allegations, dismissing them although he knew they were true"

Devin Nunes calling the Intelligence Committee’s fact-finding mission a cult is dispicable. I know about cults. Cults are led by maniacal narcissists who expect complete adoration and relinquishment of independent thought. I suggest Mr. Nunes look elsewhere.

It’s a good thing Devin Nunes is not taking my course on national security decision making. I expect my students’ written work to be compelling, accurate, and unbiased. By those standards, I would have to give him an F. Let’s hope his constituents do the same in November.

This was Devin Nunes' game from day 1: protecting instead of fulfilling his duty to protect our country & being an independent branch of gov't. must remove him as House Intelligence chairman without delay.