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The accuser, Derek Myers, told @CBSNews , "This is not about attention; it's about holding the actions accountable."

Kate Garraway shares moment of 'hope' after 'tricky 48 hours' amid Derek's health battle

$CME [15s. delayed] filed SEC form 5: Sr MD Gl Hd Commodity & derek'>Option Sammann Derek: Gifted 2,186 of Common Stock Class A at price $0 and Was gifted 2,186 of Common Stock Class A at price $0 on 2022-09-22, holding 17,156 shares

Asked about a complaint filed with the House Ethics Committee by Derek J. Myers, Santos (R-Nassau/Queens), told reporters outside of his congressional office he "100%" denied the allegations.

This is probably the hardest scene I’ve ever had to film. #Derek 

Derek Chauvin’s ex-wife says he ‘ruined’ her life — but supports him getting new trial over George Floyd’s death

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Kellie Chauvin, who divorced Derek in February 2021, last spoke out publicly in May 2020 after her now ex-husband murdered George Floyd.

Deputies have arrested Derek Smith, 31, for shooting a 38-year-old man last Tuesday near the Sunsites Golf Course.


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BREAKING: The jury has found Derek Chauvin guilty of all murder and manslaughter charges for the police killing of #GeorgeFloyd . He faces a maximum 75 years in prison.

BREAKING: Derek Chauvin has been convicted of the murder of George Floyd. For the first time in Minnesota state history, a white police officer has been held accountable for killing a Black man.

BREAKING: The 3 other officers involved in #GeorgeFloyd 's killing will be charged with aiding and abetting murder, reports the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Derek Chauvin's charge will be elevated to second-degree murder.

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BREAKING: Derek Chauvin has been found guilty on all counts: second-degree murder, third-degree muder, and second-degree manslaughter

In 2006 Amy Klobuchar, then a district attorney, declined to bring charges against a cop who had shot and killed a Native American man. Two days ago that cop, Derek Chauvin, murdered George Floyd. Amy Klobuchar needs to resign.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is increasing charges against Derek Chauvin to 2nd degree in George Floyd’s murder and also charging other 3 officers. This is another important step for justice.

If your response to the death of a 20 year-old Black man, who was pulled over by police for an air freshener violation, is “he should have complied,” you don’t understand the fear that Daunte was likely feeling in his encounter with police 10 miles from the Derek Chauvin trial.

EXCLUSIVE: We spoke to Ira Latrell Toles, 33, who was shot by Derek Chauvin in 2008, the officer at the center of George Floyd’s death. Ira Latrell Toles tells us Derek Chauvin shot him at close range during a domestic call in 2008.

Derek Chauvin did not act alone. When George Floyd laid on the ground, crying out for his life, it was not one, not two, but three cops who kept their knees on him, snuffing out his life as a fourth stood by and watched. Everyone involved must be brought to justice immediately.

Utah will also send Joe Johnson to Sacramento, and Cleveland will send Jae Crowder and Derek Rose to Utah, league sources tell ESPN. Sacramento sends George Hill to the Cavs.