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Democrats failed to push through an extension before heading off on Congress's summer recess.

House Democrats can win a vote to raise the debt limit on a party-line vote, but Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has said he “can’t imagine” any Republican in the upper chamber voting for an increase, leaving Democrats 10 votes short.

From @WSJopinion : The Democrats’ coming partisan tax and spending spree must be opposed, but infrastructure is different.This bipartisan effort to improve U.S. infrastructure helps address those needs, and is worthy of our support, writes @senrobportman .

At least 41 states have made changes to election laws this year, with Republicans passing more measures than Democrats. Here’s what those new laws do.

In a procedural step required to prevent a filibuster, all 50 Senate Democrats were joined by 17 Republicans, including their leader, Mitch McConnell

Lawmakers are using a tool created by the state's sweeping new election law to exert influence over local elections — a move that Democrats and voting rights advocates decry as an invitation for political interference.

Democrats have been pushing US president Joe Biden to extend the eviction moratorium again.

A failure to win big on drug pricing means Democrats won’t deliver much of their promised health agenda, lawmakers say.

Top Oklahoma Republicans on Friday denounced the state GOP for its Facebook post comparing vaccine mandates to the Holocaust.

In a procedural step required to prevent a filibuster, all 50 Senate Democrats were joined by 17 Republicans, including their leader, Mitch McConnell


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70 million pissed off republicans and not one city burned to the ground.

UPDATE: Republicans rejected our motion to adjourn until Monday so senators could read the bill they just introduced. RT If you think senators should have time to read a bill that affects every single American.

Republicans who say we can't impeach a president 10 days before an inauguration had no trouble confirming a Supreme Court justice 8 days before an election.

I saved at least 8 Republican Senators, including Mitch, from losing in the last Rigged (for President) Election. Now they (almost all) sit back and watch me fight against a crooked and vicious foe, the Radical Left Democrats. I will NEVER FORGET!

All of a sudden Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans are worried that someone in America might get a $2,000 check "who doesn't need it." Funny. They had no problem giving a $1.4 billion tax break to Charles Koch and his family with a net worth of $113 billion. What hypocrisy!

Time for Republican Senators to step up and fight for the Presidency, like the Democrats would do if they had actually won. The proof is irrefutable! Massive late night mail-in ballot drops in swing states, stuffing the ballot boxes (on video), double voters, dead voters,

Washington is being inundated with people who don’t want to see an election victory stolen by emboldened Radical Left Democrats. Our Country has had enough, they won’t take it anymore! We hear you (and love you) from the Oval Office. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!


The @US_FDA  and the Democrats didn’t want to have me get a Vaccine WIN, prior to the election, so instead it came out five days later – As I’ve said all along!

Don’t buy GOODYEAR TIRES - They announced a BAN ON MAGA HATS. Get better tires for far less! (This is what the Radical Left Democrats do. Two can play the same game, and we have to start playing it now!).