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I loved The Father and the Assassin @NationalTheatre - epic yet intimate, historical yet very topical, playful yet deadly serious. Excellent programming from the National, again digging into where we are now. And Shubham Saraf is superb - a real star.

Police are looking for people who witnessed a deadly car crash that happened Saturday morning in Fayetteville.

Texas investigators were seeking to determine how critical mistakes were made in the response to the deadly Uvalde shooting, including why nearly 20 police officers remained outside the classroom as children placed panicked 911 calls for help. For more:

Family and friends turned the scene of a deadly shooting into a memorial Saturday for 30-year-old Montreach Mitchell.

Texas mom reveals how she took her daughter out of class MINUTES before deadly school massacre

On World United Nations Peacekeepers Day, the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) highlighted that Pakistan stands tall in the comity of nations and is one of the largest troops contributing country in the UN peacekeeping efforts. For more: #etribune 

An Illinois man is accused of killing his father in a deadly shooting while the two were at a highway rest stop.

118th meeting of #IndusWaterCommission : Is the treaty relevant now? #India  | #Pakistan 

As pools and beaches open for Memorial Day, experts warn a nationwide lifeguard shortage could prove deadly


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BREAKING: Senate Republicans blocked a domestic terrorism bill that would have opened debate on gun measures after the deadly Texas school shooting.

SCOTUS is letting private citizens in Texas sue to stop abortion?! If that's the precedent then we'll let Californians sue those who put ghost guns and assault weapons on our streets. If TX can ban abortion and endanger lives, CA can ban deadly weapons of war and save lives.

I think @SenTedCruz  is desperately trying to rebrand from the “inspired a deadly insurrection” motherfucker to the “left my constituents to freeze to death so I could go to Cancun” motherfucker, but luckily he can be both. He’s just that big a motherfucker.

In 2012, I wore a hoodie on the House Floor to make a statement about the deadly consequences of racial profiling. On Wednesday, @RepMattGaetz  wore a gas mask in the chamber, making light of an epidemic that has killed 14 Americans. Guess which one of us was forcibly removed.

Congratulations to H. E. Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif on his election as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. India desires peace and stability in a region free of terror, so that we can focus on our development challenges and ensure the well-being and prosperity of our people.

Tens of thousands of supporters of deposed PM Imran Khan marched in cities across Pakistan, saying they want him back in power — in pictures

So let me get this straight: Republican legislators want to arm teachers to protect students from school shooters, but don't want teachers to wear masks to protect students from a deadly virus?

....We no longer pay Pakistan the $Billions because they would take our money and do nothing for us, Bin Laden being a prime example, Afghanistan being another. They were just one of many countries that take from the United States without giving anything in return. That’s ENDING!

Deadly to see mullingar lad Conor smith playing for Plymouth against Liverpool at anfield

Once again, Israel faces a barrage of deadly rocket attacks by terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad. We support Israel 100% in its defense of its citizens....