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Northern California resident sues wood products company over deadly Mill Fire

The company said Thursday that workers can earn an average pay of $19 per hour, based on their position and location within the U.S.

Jurong lift which trapped 6 people and a dead body was 'overloaded', says town council

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Saving lives is hard work, and no one understands that better than our front-line workers and volunteers who do it every day. It's not always easy to find a way to say thank you, but a new company launching in Australia is doing just that with a new rewards program. #9News 

Thousands of years ago the people of what are now Britain and Japan both created elaborate stone circles set up to interact with the solstices and to house remains of the dead.

The company advertises its turkeys as “humanely raised” in a “stress-free environment."


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🚨EXCLUSIVE: Yvon Chouinard, who founded the outdoor apparel maker Patagonia and became a reluctant billionaire with his unconventional spin on capitalism, has given away the company. All Patagonia’s profits will now be used to fight climate change.🧵

If Twitter acquisition completes, company will be super focused on hardcore software engineering, design, infosec & server hardware

Time for Republican Senators to step up and fight for the Presidency, like the Democrats would do if they had actually won. The proof is irrefutable! Massive late night mail-in ballot drops in swing states, stuffing the ballot boxes (on video), double voters, dead voters,

Swing States that have found massive VOTER FRAUD, which is all of them, CANNOT LEGALLY CERTIFY these votes as complete & correct without committing a severely punishable crime. Everybody knows that dead people, below age people, illegal immigrants, fake signatures, prisoners,....

“Evidence of voter fraud continues to grow, including 20,000 dead people on the Pennsylvania voters roll and many thousands all over the Country. Now, there has been an artificial number of votes in favor of Joe Biden.” @OANN 

Fear the walking dead is siiiiiiiiiick !! Shits about to kick off !!

Could everyone PLEASE stop sharing this video of Michael Lofthouse? He’s the founder & CEO of Solid8, a tech company based in San Francisco. If it goes viral it could hurt Michael Lofthouse and Solid8, his company. Let’s all be nice to Michael Lofthouse and Solid8.

Good boy dislikes his nails being trimmed. But the theatrics. Dead! Dogs, bruh...??????