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100 years of the BBC – the first live FA Cup final and the dawn of true crime

The disengagement at Gogra post turned out to be a false dawn. All hopes of a thaw in Sino-Indian relations during the #SCOsummit  ended with Prime Minister Modi and President Xi, pointedly ignoring each other. @palepurshankar  @ExpressDefence 

#PhalaPhala  IFP's Ngcobo reminds President Cyril Ramaphosa of his new dawn of transparency and accountability. He says Parliament must be steadfast in holding the executive to account. LD

A man was rescued from the River Severn in Shrewsbury using a thermal image camera at dawn this morning

Great article by MY senator, RI state senator @DawnEuer , who among other things traveled to Glasgow COP.

The episode features: ✔️ Dawn Amano-Ige, @FirstLadyofHI  ✔️ Dr. Sara Bleich, Director of Nutrition Security and Health Equity, @USDAgov  ✔️ Dr. Miguel A. Cardona, Secretary of Education, @SecCardona  ✔️ @MayorGiles , Mayor, Mesa, Arizona ⬇️

"More than a dozen DOJ law enforcement officials searched Jeffery Clark’s house in a pre-dawn raid, put him in the streets in his PJs for 3 1/2 hours, and took his electronic devices.” This was not a movie. The Devil We Know.

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John Paulson became a billionaire after his hedge fund effectively shorted more than $25 billion of mortgage securities at the dawn of the global financial crisis.

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100 years of the BBC: part one – the first live FA Cup final and the dawn of true crime

AECOM appoints Dawn MacDonald as Global Offshore Wind Sector Lead $ACM


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According to the Espionage Act, it is also illegal to LEAK documents. And somebody at the FBI or DOJ has been leaking to the press. So when can we expect the pre-dawn, guns-drawn raids to commence?

“We broke into the Capitol…we got inside, we did our part. We were looking for Nancy to shoot her in the friggin’ brain but we didn’t find her.” — Dawn Bancroft, arrested in Pennsylvania today, along with Diana Santos-Smith.

Critical care nurse Dawn has pleaded for the public to "stop it" after being faced with empty supermarket shelves following a 48-hour shift.

#DuskTillDawn ft @Sia  • 7th Sept

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How many songs can you sing over "Dusk Till Dawn" ? WATCH AND FIND OUT!

I salute my sisters and brothers of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh for their courage and resilience. For years, vested interest groups who believed in emotional blackmail never cared for people’s empowerment. J&K is now free from their shackles. A new dawn, better tomorrow awaits!

They say its darkest before the dawn, but it seems like just when I think things are getting brighter you shut the lights out on me.

Nice to see a few of you at the airport at the ass crack of dawn. we are finally back in London and I REMEMBERED MY PASSPORT