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$DAVE down 10.80% at $0.64 (Volume 3M, AvgVolume 13M) in the last 20 min

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81 year old Dave Williams has gone viral on Tik Tok thanks to a video of him singing. He tells @adilray  and @CharlotteHawkns  about how he performed with the Beatles. Amazing!

"People have started recognising me!" 🤩 A video of 81-year-old Dave Williams belting out Unchained Melody at a nursing home in Liverpool has had over 600,000 views on TikTok! He's no stranger to a mic...he once performed with the Beatles! 🎤 More here:


The Mount Pearl municipal worker strike passed the one-month mark this week. Up next, we'll check in with Mayor Dave Aker and CUPE Local 2099 president Ken Turner@KrissyHolmes  #cbcnl 

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Aluminum or Aluminium? However you spell it, Aluminum futures have had a great first half of the year. Dave Gibbs, Director of Education at CME Group, looks at volume, open interest and participant growth through 2022 to date.

A Form 8-K [Press/News Current Report] filing has been made with the SEC: $DAVE $DAVEW $VPCC $VPCC.UN $VPCC.WT #Dave  Inc./DE


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The entire scientific world: The Earth is getting dangerously hotter and threatens our very existence Dave936 on Twitter: I was 9 in 1976 and I remember it being hot. There’s nothing to worry about, have an ice cream

News: 3 new Dave Chappelle comedy specials, coming soon.

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If you’ve never seen Dave Grohl and his daughter Violet Grohl perform an acoustic cover of Adele‘s “When We Were Young” — you’re in for a treat…

If you don’t do anything else today — check-out this minute and a half of Dave Chappell last night on SNL...

Would be terrible if this clip of Dave Chappelle *savaging* Jussie Smollett went viral again. Justice for Jucy! #justiceforjucy 

Landed in the UK and managed to catch up on Dave Allen’s fight. What a warrior, so much strength physically and mentally. Respect to you mate. You deserve it.

“It’s a trap because they want to tank the economy and make everything look trrrible so they can make President Trump look bad in November. They want Trump to have to send in troops so it looks bad for him.” Dave Rubin, author of “Don’t Burn This Book.” @seanhannity 

Dave Chappelle turns 46 today. Happy Birthday to one of the greatest to ever do it. ?

Have you ever seen me and the Monopoly man in the same room ??‍♂️? ? Dave Benett