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Fresh fintech funding data tells us what investors are chasing in a downturn Overall fintech funding is down to its lowest in two years, but investors are looking for cheaper deals in unexpected places @SpirosMargaris  @psb_dc  @leimer  @efipm  @cgledhill 

. @GoldmanSachs 's Jan Hatzius tells @MorganLBrennan  that current economic data doesn't indicate a recession. "There are plenty of shocks out there that could push us there, but I don't see anything in the data that we're currently looking at that would say recession."

Biden signs order to implement EU-U.S. data privacy framework

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Take that for Data: What is UAAP's head coach challenge?

The September US nonfarm payrolls were generally inline with expectations and the jobless rate dropped...but the $SPX dropped in response. DailyFX's @JohnKicklighter  explains why 'good' data seemed to lead to a 'bad' market reaction 👇

Copper price falls on US jobs data.

All Eyes Are on Credit Suisse; But Media Blacked Out Data from the New York Fed Suggest Contagion from Nomura Is Another Threat

LAVA Therapeutics to Present On-Mechanism Pharmacodynamics Data from the Phase 1/2a Clinical Trial of LAVA-051 at the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) 2022 Annual Meeting $LVTX

$LVTX [15s. delayed]: Issued Press Release on October 07, 11:00:00: LAVA Therapeutics to Present On-Mechanism Pharmacodynamics Data from the Phase 1/2a Clinical Trial of LAVA-051 at the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) 2022 Annual Meeting


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NEW: a common response to reports of hospitals struggling this winter is "it’s no different to a bad flu season!" I’ve tracked down historical data on flu ICU admissions, including winter 2017-18, a record high. Here’s how England’s Covid winter compares to a bad flu season 📹

??Tonight at 7pm:?? EXCLUSIVE: Channel 4 News investigation reveals a huge Trump campaign data leak, exposing how 3.5 million Black Americans were listed as ‘Deterrence’ - to try to stop them voting in 2016. #DeterringDemocracy 

The photos released by the WH tonight of the president working at Walter Reed were taken 10 minutes apart at 5:25:59 pm and 5:35:40 pm ET Saturday, according to the EXIF data embedded in both @AP  wire postings that were shared by the White House this evening.

It's here–the deepest, sharpest infrared view of the universe to date: Webb's First Deep Field. Previewed by @POTUS  on July 11, it shows galaxies once invisible to us. The full set of @NASAWebb 's first full-color images & data will be revealed July 12:

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Interesting . . . Trump margin of “defeat” in 4 states occurred in 4 data dumps between 1:34-6:31 AM. Statistical anomaly? Fraud? Look at the evidence and decide for yourself.(That is, if Big Tech allows u to read this) Anomalies in Vote Counts;

At the end of the call, the President of the United States repeatedly asks for access to voter data that he knows is barred to him by law. He wants access to the data through a quiet, back door agreement. That's a big deal in and of itself.

Just released data shows many thousands of noncitizens voted in Nevada. They are totally ineligible to vote!

BREAKING: UK’s Channel 4 has obtained a huge data leak from Trump’s 2016 campaign. The leak reveals personal data of almost 200 million voters used by Trump’s campaign, which manipulated algorithms to deter millions of Black Americans from voting.

I am pleased to announce that Bill Stepien has been promoted to the role of Trump Campaign Manager. Brad Parscale, who has been with me for a very long time and has led our tremendous digital and data strategies, will remain in that role, while being a Senior Advisor to the...

Hospitals! Trump is now telling you NOT to report #coronavirus  data to the CDC. Tell him to GO TO HELL! Doesn’t he understand people are dying?? Report! Report! Report!