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RT @jonathanweisman : Dan O’Donnell, a conservative radio host in Wisconsin, said survival of the party dictated compromise. “As difficult a…

The first-ever video of these operations depicts 16-ton, twin-engine MiG-29s and 25-ton Su-27s, also with two engines, taking off from roadways as soldiers keep guard.

Save on potting soil for large containers with this neat trick from Dan Gill

RT @MikeSielski : A column on the #Flyers  and their new governor, Dan Hilferty, who repeated two words in a recent interview that confirmed…

Dan Lobitz, a partner at Robert A.M. Stern Architects, and Mark Jacobson, a photographer, were meticulous with the details of their home.

RT @euronewsculture : Rachel Pollack was a pioneering trans activist, authority on tarot and the occult and created the first transgender su…

China Paid Trump Millions In Rent. Then He Left The White House by @DanAlexander21 

“Chairman Jordan is not welcome in my district for this political stunt," Rep. Dan Goldman (D-N.Y.) said of the House Judiciary Committee's planned hearing in New York City next week.

WATCH: Dan De Luce breaks down key takeaways from the dozens of leaked classified Pentagon documents: ➡️ The extent the U.S. is able to penetrate the Russian military ➡️ The spying that goes on against the Ukrainians ➡️ Ukraine's struggle with its air defenses

'Time and again, the Pope has made bizarre or ambiguous statements about long-established teachings.' ✍️ Dan Hitchens


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NADHIM ZAHAWI THREATENED @DanNeidle TO STOP HIM PUBLISHING CORRECT ANALYSIS OF ZAHAWI'S DODGY TAX POSITION In Dec, Dan was threatened by Z's lawyers and referred them to the Solicitors Regulator, Dan won, weeks later Zahawi now has to pay the tax. GO DAN👏

CIA chief Mike Pompeo: Putin attacked 2016 election. DNI Dan Coats: Putin attacked 2016 election. FBI director Christopher Wray: Putin attacked 2016 election. NSA head Mike Rogers: Putin attacked 2016 election. Putin: I did not attack 2016 election. Trump: I believe Putin.

Great new book by wonderful and very street smart author Dan Bongino, EXONERATED, THE FAILED TAKEDOWN OF PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP BY THE SWAMP. Dan hits all of the crooked points of the greatest Witch Hunt in political history. Nevertheless, the Scam continues!

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The Great State of North Carolina has EARLY VOTING for a very important Congressional (Ninth) race. Please vote early (now), or on Election Day, September 10th, for Dan Bishop, a great guy. His opponent wants Open Borders, Sanctuary Cities & is weak on Crime, Military & Vets!

North Carolina, vote for Dan Bishop tomorrow. We need him badly in Washington! His opponent is a far left Sanctuary Cities supporter.

Kim Strassel of the WSJ just said, after reviewing the dumb Comey Memos, “you got to ask, what was the purpose of the Special Counsel? There’s no there there.” Dan Henninger of the WSJ said Memos would show that this would be one of the weakest obstruction cases ever brought!

“What’s happening to Justice Kavanaugh is a disgrace. This guy is not a good man, he is a great man. He has to go to his church with his family while these terrible reports are being written about him, a disgrace!” Dan Bongino@foxandfriends