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While metaverse platforms @decentraland  and @TheSandboxGame  both have below 1,000 daily active users, they each have over $1 billion in valuation. So who's actually using the metaverse right now? @camlearnscrypto  reports

Daily News | Penn football is on a roll and pundits are noticing. Here’s how they keep it going against Georgetown

$DKS $90.00 Dec 16 2022 PUT ⬇️🌊 Underlying: $109.89 % Difference: 22.10% Daily $ Volume: $1,951,560 Volume: 5,004 OI: 286 IV: 64.44% Bid/Ask: $3.80/$4.00

$NEP $60.00 Jan 20 2023 PUT ⬇️🌊 Underlying: $72.2 % Difference: 20.34% Daily $ Volume: $101,562 Volume: 625 OI: 5 IV: 42.84% Bid/Ask: $1.35/$1.90

$DKS $70.00 Dec 16 2022 PUT ⬇️🌊 Underlying: $109.89 % Difference: 56.99% Daily $ Volume: $562,500 Volume: 5,000 OI: 209 IV: 74.63% Bid/Ask: $1.05/$1.20

The Daily Iowan’s band of college football experts picked five games from this week’s slate, including Iowa-Illinois. DITV Sports Director Michael Merrick and Sports Editor Chloe Peterson have the best picks records this season.

$TWTR $47.00 Oct 14 2022 PUT ⬇️🌊 Underlying: $49.4 % Difference: 5.11% Daily $ Volume: $389,598 Volume: 5,903 OI: 1,011 IV: 59.81% Bid/Ask: $0.60/$0.72

$TWTR $47.00 Oct 28 2022 PUT ⬇️🌊 Underlying: $49.4 % Difference: 5.11% Daily $ Volume: $201,302 Volume: 802 OI: 148 IV: 77.04% Bid/Ask: $2.40/$2.62

$CPNG $18.00 Oct 28 2022 PUT ⬇️🌊 Underlying: $19.43 % Difference: 7.94% Daily $ Volume: $103,093 Volume: 1,505 OI: 11 IV: 67.35% Bid/Ask: $0.63/$0.74

It's Lonely in the Metaverse: Decentraland’s 38 Daily Active Users in a $1.3B Ecosystem#Web3 


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Twitter claims that >95% of daily active users are real, unique humans. Does anyone have that experience?

California is suing Elon Musk's Tesla, alleging it runs a "racially segregated" workplace and discriminates against Black employees. Black workers report being concentrated in parts of its factory (one called "the plantation" by other workers) and hearing slurs up to 100x daily.

VICTORY: The Supreme Court ruled that DACA recipients can continue to live and work in the United States without the daily fear of deportation.

“Senate Intelligence Panel found absolutely no evidence of collusion. There was no evidence that the Trump campaign conspired with the Russian government to influence 2016, affirming the findings of other investigations.” Daily Caller


What do these newspapers have in common? NY Times Washington Post USA Today LA Times Salt Lake Tribune Tampa Bay Times Orlando Sentinel Boston Globe NY Daily News Chicago Sun-Times Philadelphia Inquirer SF Chronicle Their editorial boards have all called for impeachment.

Daily thoughts: I wish everyone would shut the fuck up.

Why do reputable news organizations carry these daily Trump press conferences live? They are filled with misinformation and propaganda. From the President himself, no less. The country would be far better served and informed if they used highlights later. Enough is enough.

The Radical Left Democrats have gone absolutely crazy that I am doing daily Presidential News Conferences. They actually want me to STOP! They used to complain that I am not doing enough of them, now they complain that I “shouldn’t be allowed to do them.” They tried to shame.....