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Switzerland hails arrival of Ukrainian grain at Turkish port | Daily Sabah - Daily Sabah

$META Chart Looks like we are seeing another rejection on the daily timeframe. I played puts on twitter earlier #alert  and we made over 45% in gains Congrats everyone!

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Daily News | Former Haddonfield High student charged in graduation party vandalization of school stadium

THERE THEY ARE, OUR KOOKABURRAS WITH THEIR GOLD MEDALS! What a team, and what a way to end our campaign in Birmingham! 💚💛 Read more: 👉 📰 Full sport coverage: 🎙️ DAILY pod:

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California is suing Elon Musk's Tesla, alleging it runs a "racially segregated" workplace and discriminates against Black employees. Black workers report being concentrated in parts of its factory (one called "the plantation" by other workers) and hearing slurs up to 100x daily.

VICTORY: The Supreme Court ruled that DACA recipients can continue to live and work in the United States without the daily fear of deportation.

Global K-pop sensation BTS visits the White House press briefing room. “While many of you may know BTS as Grammy-nominated international icons, they also play an important role as youth ambassadors,” press sec. Karine Jean-Pierre says.

WATCH: BTS @bts_bighit ) at White House Press Briefing. "We are BTS and it is a great honor to be invited to the White House today to discuss the important issues of anti-Asian hate crimes, Asian inclusion and diversity."

In advance of the classified briefing I’ll hear later today, I reviewed classified documents this morning. They are chilling. Declassify this information. Americans deserve & need to know about ongoing foreign interference (even sabotage) in our election system.

Shocked & appalled—I just left a 90 minute classified briefing on foreign malign threats to our elections. From spying to sabotage, Americans need to see & hear these reports.

“Senate Intelligence Panel found absolutely no evidence of collusion. There was no evidence that the Trump campaign conspired with the Russian government to influence 2016, affirming the findings of other investigations.” Daily Caller

As a former White House reporter, I don’t say this lightly: Media should ignore the Trump follies, abandon the WH briefing room, and interview governors, doctors, nurses, victims and anybody else approaching the truth. Stop being props. Just stop.

Why do reputable news organizations carry these daily Trump press conferences live? They are filled with misinformation and propaganda. From the President himself, no less. The country would be far better served and informed if they used highlights later. Enough is enough.