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Cyprus, Greece and Italy dissented from the European Council’s decision to ban Australian travellers | @Dana_Adele 

People are heading to the polls to vote for a new parliament in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which is recognized only by Turkey.

US academics use radar to help seek missing in split Cyprus

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Cyprus lawmakers pass bill protecting whistleblowers

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#USNavy Bares Teeth With Rare Publication of #CruiseMissile  #Submarine ’s Cyprus Stopover

CYPRUS' alt='UN_CYPRUS' /'>@UN_CYPRUS  @UKinCyprus  @cyBritish  held a youth leadership workshop📚 under Peacebuilding in Divided Societies prog. in Cyprus to strengthen the participation of women & youth from different communities in peace processes. #YouthPeaceSecurity  #A4P  🕊️ 👉

Victor Zachariades has stepped down from his role as Head of Pepperstone’s Cyprus unit to join Alpaca as the General Manager of Cyprus. He took over the new role earlier this month. #executive 

Harmonised Inflation Rate YoY in Cyprus increased to 4.80 percent in December from 4.70 percent in November of 2021.

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Scientist in Cyprus stands by his discovery of a delta-omicron mashup variant that others say looks like a lab-contamination error.

Cyprus reportedly discovers a Covid variant that combines omicron and delta

Highest government debt as share of GDP, 2020. Japan: 237% Greece: 177% Lebanon: 150% Italy: 135% Singapore: 126% Portugal: 117% Angola: 111% Mozambique: 109% US: 107% Jamaica: 103% Belgium: 98% France: 98% Congo: 98% Cyprus: 95% Spain: 95% Bahrain: 93% Jordan: 92% Egypt: 90%

Covid-19 response: Brazil worst, New Zealand best. After New Zealand, the countries that made the top 10 for best response on the Lowy Institute study were: Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Cyprus, Rwanda, Iceland, Australia, Latvia and Sri Lanka

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Countries suspending use of AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine as precaution: - Denmark - Norway - Ireland - Estonia - The Netherlands - Thailand - Bulgaria - Iceland - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Latvia - Germany - France - Italy - Spain - Cyprus - Portugal - Slovenia

DRONE WALKS DOG: Amid a government-mandated lockdown due to coronavirus in Cyprus, one man found a clever way to walk his dog, Oliver, while adhering to safety measures.

UPDATE: At least 10 people were killed by an explosion in Beirut, security officials told @Reuters  . ▪️ The cause and total casualties are unknown ▪️ "Dozens " wounded, say officials ▪️ Witnesses report people hit by flying glass, debris ▪️ Explosion heard 150 miles away in Cyprus

Aerial video filmed Wednesday showed the full scale of the destruction caused by a massive explosion in Beirut. It was not clear what caused the blast, which was felt as far away as Cyprus more than 180 miles across the Mediterranean

Just got back from Cyprus and Austria. It's a different world. People are relaxed, out in cafes, few masks, they meet friends and go to work. People are careful and conscious but the virus is under control there in a way it just isn't here. Land in Dulles and the stress hits.

• More than 100 people have died, 4,000+ injured • Explosion was heard as far away as Cyprus - approx 200km (125 miles) • Lebanese government say 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate exploded Read more about what we know, so far, about the Beirut explosion: