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A buyback only helps the stock, not the business. Tesla sells a high ticket item. It needs its cash to guard against a significant draw down in world economy.

Wake up, grab coffee, see XRP II trending.... Today 100's of people will discover Ripple has subsidiaries, sells #XRP , and was fined by FINCEN years ago and I don't know if I'm ready for Twitter today.

Morgan Stanley reduces TP on #Affirm  $AFRM from $52 to $46, reiterates Buy. Analyst expects 2023 to have a challenging credit environment, according to @theflynews . #ORTEX  Analyst Data is currently tracking 8 Buys, 8 Holds, and 3 Sells.

BoE Sells GBP750 Mln 7-20 Year Gilts At Cover Ratio Of 2.66

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"The New York Stock Exchange doesn’t also have a hedge fund on the side, and trade against their customers,” Gensler added. Yes. But is PFOF all that different? $HOOD doesn't have a hedge fund, but it sells the right to trade against customers to funds.


Michael T. Tokarz Sells 4,189 Shares of Mueller Water Products, Inc. $MWA Stock


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Imagine McDonald's makes its own money, let's call them clown-bucks, keeps most of it, and sells some to the market. McDonald's then uses their remaining clown-bucks as collateral for actual loans. And then people remember clown-bucks aren't real.

Elon Musk’s journey: Age 51: buys Twitter, becomes CEO Age 45: starts Boring Co Age 45: starts Neuralink Age 44: starts OpenAI Age 32: invests in Tesla Age 30: starts SpaceX Age 28: starts X (becomes PayPal) Age 24: starts Zip2 (sold to Compaq) Age 19: sells PC’s in college dorm

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Huy Fong's Sriracha hit revenue of $150m+ a year...with no sales team, no trademark and $0 in ad spend. Its creator is Vietnamese-American David Tran, making the sauce's success a tale of immigrant hustle and a product that literally sells itself. Here's the story🧵

Josh Hawley is saying Ketanji Brown Jackson didn't punish criminal defendants harshly enough while his campaign sells merch with a picture of him saluting people who stormed the Capitol

The U.S. military is buying location data about Muslims retrieved by Muslim dating and prayer apps, per @VICE . Apps include Muslim Pro (150 million downloads) and Muslim Mingle. The data is reportedly collected by a third party called X-Mode, which then sells it to contractors.

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In the highly competitive world of high tech, how come nobody has ever challenged Mini Mike Bloomberg and his very average, & supposedly outdated, “stuff” that he sells to so many? Did he use his position as Mayor of New York to create what is now a monopoly? Just askin’?

Crowd went crazy when me & played for the first time eve #micdropremix  in Jakarta! U all ready for our ?? tour in feb!!! Get you #kolony  tix now before your city sells out!!

@BTS_twt 's 'Burn the Stage' movie opens worldwide and sells nearly 1M pre-sale tickets

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