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❌65% of rape victims drop out ❌1% of cases reach court Our criminal justice system is letting victims down & criminals off the hook. This Govt must do far more than rehash video evidence for rape victims to restore victims’ faith in the justice system.

The team will bolster the 140 who already patrol Westminster tackling criminals preying on tourists and clubbers

The U.S. Treasury is proposing a federal registry in an effort to close loopholes that have enabled terrorists, criminals and corrupt government officials to launder cash through so-called shell companies

Treasury’s FinCEN says it wants to “protect the U.S. real estate market from exploitation by criminals and corrupt officials” via @WSJ 

Criminals used her new home as a puppy scam headquarters, by @RedTapeChron 

The guns won't be able to fall into the hands of dangerous criminals

The combination of the holiday shopping season, the upcoming tax season and the pandemic create additional opportunities for criminals to steal sensitive personal or finance information. Don't let them by taking these 10 steps.

These new measures will also help us bring to justice more of the despicable criminals who perpetrate the crime of modern slavery on human beings.

This echoes many survivors I’ve spoken to who are made to feel like criminals after reporting rape. Behind these depressing stats is a victim let down by our broken justice system and a criminal let off the hook. They deserve far better. @LDNVictimsComm 

The UK Government have pledged £300 million to crack down on gangs profiting from illegal drugs. This will go towards action to: ❌ Dismantle over 2,000 county lines 👮‍♂️ disrupt 6,400 activities of organised criminals 💷 Invest £145 million in the County Lines Programme

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President Trump joins former President Obama in calling looters “thugs and criminals

I am running for re-election to bring prosperity to Nevada, to put violent criminals behind bars, and to ensure the future belongs to AMERICA—NOT China. If we win, AMERICA WINS! If Biden wins, China wins. If Biden Wins, the rioters, anarchists, and arsonists win. VOTE! #MAGA 

Mayor Wheeler just got harassed out of his own home in Portland by so-called “friendly protesters”. The Anarchists, Agitators and Looters treat him HORRIBLY, even though he is so nice and respectful to them. Criminals only understand strength!

I STAND FOR LAW AND ORDER AND I TOOK ACTION! Operation LeGend has led to the arrest of over 1,000 criminals, including 90 killers, all while Sleepy Joe Biden and the Radical Left excuses violence and crime in their Democrat-run cities. I want safety & security, Joe allows CRIME!

Roger Stone was targeted by an illegal Witch Hunt that never should have taken place. It is the other side that are criminals, including Biden and Obama, who spied on my campaign - AND GOT CAUGHT!

As per recent Federal Court ruling, the Federal Government will be withholding funds from Sanctuary Cities. They should change their status and go non-Sanctuary. Do not protect criminals!

We have now built 240 Miles of new Border Wall on our Southern Border. We will have over 450 Miles built by the end of the year. Have established some of the best Border Numbers ever. The Radical Left Democrats want Open Borders for anyone, including many criminals, to come in!

The problem is not the very talented, low-flying helicopter pilots wanting to save our city, the problem is the arsonists, looters, criminals, and anarchists, wanting to destroy it (and our Country)!

New York City and Chicago play the Sanctuary City card, where criminals are protected. Perhaps they will have to start changing their ways (and thinking!).

They got caught. Some very nervous criminals out there. Thank you Ted!