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Here's the posse together, training on @SpaceX  crew dragon. @Aki_Hoshide  looking like a boss, and all of us wishing we had as cool socks as our awesome pilot @Astro_Megan . #MissionAlpha 

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There's just about a month until liftoff, soaring into a new universe of launches with the first operational manned mission for the crew dragon'>SpaceX Crew Dragon.

Who doesn't like cockpits? 45 years of cockpit evolution in these pictures, I am lucky to have been at the controls of the #Soyuz  spacecraft, the @Airbus  A310, the A350, and now the @SpaceX  Crew Dragon (during training, so far). #Avgeeks 

Join @NASA  on Sept. 29 for a trio of news conferences highlighting the next @SpaceX  Crew Dragon launch to @Space_Station . The mission, scheduled to launch no earlier than Oct. 23, will carry @AstroIllini , @VicGlover  Shannon Walker and @Astro_Soichi 

NEW: On Sept. 29, we’re previewing the next @SpaceXCrew Dragon launch to the @Space_Station , targeted for Oct. 23, with a series of astronaut interviews and mission updates by experts from SpaceX, @JAXA_en , and @Commercial_Crew :

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@Bischoff_Tyler  I had my game seven skills on full display. Set the tone with the crew. @edgraney  and I have great chemistry. @Bischoff_Tyler  tried to trip me up with my dragon slaying. I handled it well. !!

NASA targets October for next SpaceX Crew Dragon launch to space station

I did some reporting on whether Crew Dragon could play a role in the Artemis Moon program.

The first operational flight with astronauts of the Crew Dragon spacecraft & Falcon 9 rocket to the @Space_Station  will launch no earlier than Oct. 23. The Crew-1 mission will carry: Shannon Walker Victor Glover Michael Hopkins Soichi Noguchi Learn more:

NASA targets October for next SpaceX Crew Dragon launch to space station // (NASA)

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Docking confirmed – Crew Dragon has arrived at the @space_station !

Webcast of Crew Dragon’s return to Earth from the @Space_Station  with @AstroBehnken  and @Astro_Doug  →

Webcast of Crew Dragon’s demonstration mission with @NASA  astronauts @AstroBehnken  and @Astro_Doug  on board the spacecraft is now live → 

Falcon 9 lifts off from historic Launch Complex 39A and sends Crew Dragon to orbit on its first flight with @NASA  astronauts to the @Space_Station 

Crew Dragon has separated from Falcon 9’s second stage and is on its way to the International Space Station with @Astro_Behnken  and @AstroDoug ! Autonomous docking at the @Space_Station  will occur at ~10:30 a.m. EDT tomorrow, May 31

Live webcast of Crew Dragon’s test flight with @NASA  astronauts @AstroBehnken  and @Astro_Doug  →

Falcon 9 and Crew Dragon are vertical on the launch pad

Crew Dragon separating from Falcon 9 during today’s test, which verified the spacecraft’s ability to carry astronauts to safety in the unlikely event of an emergency on ascent

We have liftoff. History is made as @NASA_Astronauts  launch from @NASAKennedy  for the first time in nine years on the @SpaceX  Crew Dragon:

Welcome aboard the @SpaceX  Crew Dragon spacecraft! In this video from space, @AstroBehnken  and @Astro_Doug  reveal the name of their capsule: Endeavour. Take a look inside as the crew continues their journey to the @Space_Station :