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Delhi HC takes suo motu action against covidiots

Endless traffic in Solan. Covidiots flouts #COVID19  norms, authorities urge people to follow guidelines. #ITVideo 

Covidiot pool party busted: Noida police arrests 61 people for violating Covid norms #Noida  #Covidiots  #covid19 

61 covidiots arrested in Noida. @arvindojha  with more details. #ITVideo 

Hyderabad covidiots: Birthday bash with swords & knives amid second wave; social distancing goes for a toss | #6PMPrime 

On this week’s #PlanetNormal  podcast with @LiamHalligan  and @allisonpearson  🎙️ ‘A State of Fear’ author, Laura Dodsworth@BareReality ) tells our co-pilots how the narrative of ‘heroes’ and ‘covidiots’ encouraged a dangerous herd mentality over lockdown


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Dear continuing COVIDiots: Study: 99.75% of hospitalized COVID-19 patients weren't vaccinated

Covidiots in one image. This moron equating Nazi persecution of the Jews with criticism of her University oF Facebook views on Covid-19.

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One thing all these fucking #COVIDIOTS  have proven: it’s time to rewrite the Asshole song into #Maskhole 

WOW. This incredibly powerful, moving, inspiring & at times desperately sad piece by Covid-19 ICU nurse Vicky Neville is a stunning read. Covidiots who refuse to take the virus seriously should read it - then shut up. Thank you Vicky & every NHS hero.

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When Covidiots meet experts. ????

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BREAKING: UK coronavirus death toll rises by 367, biggest one-day increase since May. 9,502 covid patients now in hospital, 852 in ICU. I don't know at what point Covidiots will start to take this 2nd wave seriously, but around now would be a bloody good time.

All of the covidiots who refuse to wear masks do not understand that when they step into a store without a mask a store can be held liable for negligence if it leads to new infections

“I can’t wait to have that drink called ‘I can’t wait to die’” #COVIDIOTS 

Dear white people flooding my email to letting me know how offended you are that I used the word “white” in a column on police inaction toward Trinity Bellwoodscovidiots, accusing me of “making things about race: white people created race @ShreeParadkar