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READ: President Duterte orders govt agencies to identify savings to augment COVID-related programs | via @GenKabiling 

West Bengal | An NGO performed last rites of a man in Siliguri as his family refused to take his body. He was allegedly found lying on road for at least 11 hrs during which he died. He was admitted to North Bengal Medical College & Hospital on May 4 due to COVID-related symptoms.

#Breaking | Tamil Nadu Govt announces Rs 25 lakh ex-gratia for the families of 43 doctors who lost their lives due to Covid related duty. Incentives to front-line workers (docs, nurses, other staff) involved in Covid duty also announced. Shilpa Nair with details.

The big four banks went way over the top with excessive COVID-related provisions only to very quickly reverse some of that pessimism, as shown by results released by NAB, ANZ, Westpac and CBA over the past week. by @MayneReport 

The Assembly also postponed an attempt to override Gov. Tony Evers' vetoes of COVID-related bills.

As many as 6,917 COVID-related deaths have been recorded since the start of the pandemic. The state Department of Health Services said 70 more people were also hospitalized over the past day, which triples Monday’s hospitalizations. #Fox47Madison 

The Assembly also postponed an attempt to override Gov. Tony Evers' vetoes of COVID-related bills.

Masks, temperature checks and all covid related regulations will be removed in Manatee County buildings. N-95 or equivalent masks will be provided to visitors that request one. It is approved 6-1 @FOX13News  #manatee  #covid19  @ManateeGov 

If you had a ticket to attend the U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Gymnastics at Enterprise Center in St. Louis, your ticket is being refunded. The event is being moved to another venue in St. Louir due to COVID-related changes @KMOXSports 

VETO OVERRIDES NIXED: Republicans delay their attempts to override Gov. Evers' vetoes of two COVID-related measures.


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Took stock of the various COVID related initiatives of the Indian Navy.

Democrats have said we shouldn’t pass any more relief at all unless Speaker Pelosi gets her whole far-left wish list, including all kinds of non-COVID-related demands. Working families in Kentucky and around the country deserve better than this obstruction.

Democrats have delayed aid for months over non-COVID-related liberal demands. Last night, Leader Schumer even tried to adjourn the Senate for three weeks. Americans need help; Democrats just want to go home. We are voting on more aid this week.

Speaker Pelosi’s all-or-nothing act has kept Americans waiting for months. We badly need Congress to agree where we can, get money out the door now, and keep arguing over the Speaker’s non-COVID-related wish list later. We'll vote on hundreds of billions in more aid this week.

It’s unconscionable that there are families worried over the holidays that they’ll be evicted next month. Extending the eviction moratorium was a start, but Congress has to do more to help folks who can’t pay rent because of COVID-related unemployment.

On IFS day, greetings to all #IndianForeignService  officers. Their work towards #ServingTheNation , furthering national interests globally are commendable. Their efforts during Vande Bharat Mission and other COVID related help to our citizens and other nations is noteworthy.

My friends parents have died from Covid & Covid related issues. My parents are in & out of the hospital. One of my kids tested positive for Covid today. Forgive me if I’m upset over 200,000 dead when the President told us 6-months ago we would be down to 0 cases “in a few days.”

The Speaker & Democratic Leader say not another dime for testing, treatments, or vaccines unless they get a huge tax cut for blue-state millionaires. Taking our health system hostage over longtime, non-COVID-related, liberal demands. This is a crisis. Let's govern like it.

Because of Democrats’ obstruction, the extra federal unemployment aid expired. The PPP is closed with no second round in sight. No new money for testing or schools. No second round of checks to families. Democrats held all this hostage for non-COVID-related liberal priorities.

Trump's election argument appears that despite being president, he bears no responsibility for any racial unrest or covid related failures and therefore deserves four more years to deal with the racial unrest and covid related failures.