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Britain's Covid daily death toll is one of the worst in the world. What went wrong? "Allowing people to mix at Christmas was just… just madness really," one expert says.

Not all of the one million students in the country will be back in school before St Patrick's Day, the Taoiseach has said. Primary and secondary schools have not reopened since the Christmas holidays due to the surge in Covid-19 cases. | Read more:

Ireland went from some of the lowest Covid numbers in Europe to the world's highest infection rate. What happened? @MichealMartinTD  says opening up over Christmas led to a "significant spike" and the UK variant of the virus has "driven numbers. It's now up to 62% of all cases."

Britain's Covid daily death toll is one of the worst in the world. What went wrong? "Allowing people to mix at Christmas was just… just madness really," one expert says.

A teenager from #Hampshire , who's been shielding for almost a year, says receiving a Covid-19#vaccine  was like "opening the best Christmas present". Lewis Hine has had 13 operations for a brain tumour since being diagnosed at just 17 months old. More:

COVID-19 has brought many shortages. Toilet paper. Yeast. Christmas trees. Now it’s ... boats. Why? “We’re seeing lots of purchases of motorcycles, RVs, off-road vehicles, anything that would make being at home more enjoyable.”

Dolly Parton turned 75 this week. This year alone she funded a Covid vaccine, starred in a Christmas movie, launched a book reading series, and saved her 9-yr old co-star's life. Her only birthday wish? “To see more kindness in the world.” What a lady..

There is some evidence the new variant of Covid-19 that emerged in the south of England before Christmas is more deadly, the prime minister said today. @wizbates  reports.

Since the start of the pandemic, more than 21,000 care home residents have died with Covid-19 in England & Wales. One care home in Lincolnshire saw a devastating loss just before Christmas. Now, a glimpse of hope for those who remain - their vaccines have arrived. @leylahayes 


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For hundreds of thousands of families across the country, this will be their first Christmas mourning the absence of those killed by COVID-19. Join me in keeping all of them in our thoughts during this difficult time.

NEW: Saturday update of latest UK Covid data The trend in test positivity since Christmas is genuinely scary, with lines climbing almost vertically in all English regions. On Christmas eve 17% of tests in London came back positive. Four days later that was 24% and accelerating

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With the U.S. bracing for a post-Christmas surge in Covid cases and the U.K. battling with harsh lockdown restrictions, life in the West feels far from normal. Meanwhile, to put it bluntly, life in Taiwan this year has been ridiculously normal

BREAKING: British Medical Journal and Health Service Journal urge @BorisJohnson  to cancel Christmas covid relaxations. His plan would be 'a major error that will cost lives'

President Trump spent his Christmas golfing in Florida as a government shutdown looms and COVID economic relief hangs in the balance. His failure to sign the stimulus bill could deny relief checks to millions of Americans.

It’s hard to overstate the seriousness of the national arson Trump is committing right now. Vetoing the defense bill. Shutting down the government at Christmas. Refusing to sign a COVID relief bill. He is intent on burning the country down before he leaves office.

Of all the many reckless, thoughtless, selfish- even lawless- things @realDonaldTrump  has done as president, throwing COVID aid to Americans in doubt on Christmas Eve has to rank near the top. This isn’t about getting them more money. It’s about getting himself more attention.

Cabinet members have been briefed that the PM expected to announce a Tier 4, tighter covid restrictions for London and SE at 4pm this afternoon - and will cut back on the planned relaxation of the rules over Christmas

A new mutant covid is on the rampage, Arsenal keep losing, the dreadful reality of Brexit is looming, Trump’s still chucking his toys out of the pram, Christmas is canned, and everyone on Twitter’s gone absolutely bonkers - including me. I’m done with 2020, see you in 2021.

KAT shared a message he got from his mom on Christmas She died in April from COVID-19 🙏

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