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just watched the trump 60 minutes segment. First, we should be grateful we get to see this stuff, unedited, and before its manufactured. second, anyone saying he "stormed out" are getting high off the cork. He leaves the way every boss leaves: you get no say in the matter.

Of the cases reported today, 244 were in Dublin, 104 in Galway, 98 in Cork, 92 in Meath, with the remaining 528 spread across the rest of the country

"Not the kegs!" Floodwaters in Cork, Ireland floated beer down the streets 🍻 For more #WeatherWow  moments, catch #WeatherToday . Every morning, only on @Quibi_News .

Beer kegs float down the street as Cork is hit by flooding

Flooding in Cork city: ‘It’s the same old story’

Cork city left counting the cost of worst flooding in six years

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A 77-year-old man who was rescued from the bottom of a cliff in west Cork has thanked the rescue services. Glynne Jones was within minutes of being swept out to sea as he tried to rescue his pet dog. Sadly, the dog could not be saved | Read more:

Around 100 buildings and dozens of parked cars were damaged by flooding in Cork's city center following Tuesday morning’s high tide, with damage estimated to run to millions of Euro.

There have been 1,167 new cases of COVID-19 in the Republic - including 263 in Dublin, 142 in Meath and 137 in Cork.

Talented young hurlers delivering for Cork offers hope in a worrying time


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it's insane how fast the years go by... blowing out 15 candles for From Under The Cork today 🎂 we couldn't have done it without all of you.

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This is how cork is harvested in Portugal ???

85-year-old great grandfather foils attempted robbery at Cork bookmaker |

If Bruce Banner retains his original mass when he expands to become the Hulk, then his body must become less dense. If so, then in his Hulked state, he'd have the density of a champagne cork. I’m just sayin’.

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Incredible audience tonight, thank you Cork! Early night ready for round 2 tomorrow

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@fairytal3shit about 4 weeks ago! Got a few hurls from cork . And just hitting slitters around the garden with @_DarraghDaly