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Congrats to all those who believed in #Tesla  and had the conviction to hold through the FUD tsunami in past 3 months

Congrats everybody we are back in the 2020 stock market!! - Lucid $LCID is up more than 80% today on a random rumor the Saudi PIF is considering buying $LCID - BuzzFeed $BZFD shot up more than 70% yesterday on news it will start using a free product available to everyone

And Russia’s total losses in manpower turns 125,000 (!) today. Congrats to bastards with this “success”. More to come, unless you step back from Ukraine! #RussiaUkraineWar 

Congrats to EDINBURGH, the capital of Scotland, for ENDORSING THE PLANT BASED TREATY! 1st major European city to join and address the impact of animal agriculture on the global climate crisis. New article - 💥WATCH UNCHAINEDTV

Congrats my guy 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Congrats to Chris Duggan, Cayman’s first representative to US and to Cayman Islands Government, on opening of Cayman Islands Government Office in Washington. Valuable meetings at British Embassy, tour of office and reception to mark important moment. Good to visit DC!

Congrats to all the buyers during the fear mongering 🎉 Im off for a nap 🥱 these profits are making me sleepy 💰 #bitcoinprice  #AVAX  #Dogecoin 

🏆 Winner : @azgog  🎉 Congrats, please send a dm me for claim prize.


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Congrats to SpaceX Team on 3 perfect orbital launches within 36 hours!!!

Congrats to Joe Biden for winning the Presidency for the fourth time this week

Congrats@BTS_twt !!! Over 100.000.000 views in 24 hr! #BUTTER100M  #ARMY  💜💜💜💜

Congrats@BTS_twt  on the #2019MAMA  Album of the Year ? -Chimmy

Proud to rep America’s best team! Congrats@USWNT  and thanks for being such a strong inspiration for women and girls—and everybody—all across the country.

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My guys from @BTS_twt  out here killing it. Congrats fellas.

Congrats to the high school Class of 2020, as well as to the teachers, coaches, and most of all, parents and family who’ve guided you along the way. Thanks for letting me be part of your big day!

Congrats@ArianaGrande  on Focus. Remember when u #PreOrderPURPOSE  u get our remix :)