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Commodity Market Action | Silver prices are at 1-week high with prices trading above 50-DMA. @Manisha3005  explains why she’s tracking this space today

Commodity Market Action | #Brent  crude declines for the fourth day as concerns on fuel demand recovery rise. @Manisha3005  explains why she’s tracking the space today

Commodity Market Action | According to Agriculture Ministry, exports of essentials are up 43.4% YoY in the April-September period. @Manisha3005  explains what exports of agricultural commodities could get a booster from

Commodity Market Action | #Gold  prices post second weekly gain as decline in USD, stimulus negotiations weigh. @Manisha3005  explains what’s keeping the precious metals space in focus today

Commodity Market Action | Concerns over fuel demand recovery weigh in as #crudeoil  prices decline for second day. @Manisha3005  explains why she’s tracking the crude oil space today

Commodity Market Action | Base#metal  prices see decline as concerns over rising supply weigh in. @Manisha3005  explains what’s keeping it buzzing in trade

Commodity Market Action | Commodities Editor@Manisha3005  is tracking crude and copper today as US crude climbs above $40/bbl & Copper prices fall to 1-month low

Commodity Market Action | Base#metals  see buying on the back of hopes of US economic #stimulus . @Manisha3005  explains why it’s the space she’s tracking today

Commodity Market Action | Precious metals’ space seeing profit-taking by investors. @Manisha3005  explains the rationale

Commodity Market Action | After the passage of the 2 farm bills in the #Parliament , the focus is on now on the MSP for Rabi crops. @Manisha3005  has more details on the announcement, likely to come this week


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Commodity Market Action | Gold prices are at new 9-year highs; Silver is surging on the back of recovering industrial demand. Here’s @Manisha3005  with a summary of what’s buzzing in the precious metals space

#Gold hits record high in India; Global gold prices are at 8-year highs. @Manisha3005  gives a round-up of all the commodity and currency market action

Commodity & Currency Market Action | Metal prices slide as volumes on international exchanges drop and fresh virus cases emerge. @Manisha3005  is here with all the commodity cues to track

#Copper prices at 2.5-month highs; Up 25% from mid-March. @Manisha3005  gives a round up of all the commodity & currency market action #commodities 

#Crude #oilprices  gain 15%, settle up by 20% overnight & US production fell 100,000 barrels per day. @Manisha3005gives  a round-up of all the currency & commodity market action

#Metal prices rebound as Chinese virus cases report a decline. @Manisha3005  gives a round up of all the commodity & currency market action #commodities 

LME #Zinc  prices are at 4-month highs & #Copper  is at 5-week highs. @Manisha3005  gives a roundup of all the commodity & currency market action

Market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has declared the commodity broking arms of Motilal Oswal and India Infoline (IIFL) as not "fit and proper", as part of the action taken in the NSEL case.